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The Hemperor, Jack Herer has Died


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Wow, and he was relatively speaking 'young'. I am sorry to hear we lost him.
I personally think the best memorial 'we' can give him is to carry on his legacy, and NEVER give in to intolerance and ignorance, and carry the flag on. The walls of HELL can's stand against Truth forever!!!

P.S. on a personal note, "Thank you, Jack. Time to rest and then move on to the next job..."


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not to be an arshole. if every one here put forth 2%effort that this man did? where would we be?


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:ganjamon:~ bless jack on his journey home... we love you and will continue your works,, met jack at harmony fest. in santa rosa, have photo on my space... hemp fairys will be with you always...:bong:


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And to his honor we will legalize marijuana for california. Gone will be the days of home grown and welcome in the corporations to rake in their billions and we the consumers will have a river of weed at pennies on the dollar.

I can not wait for November!

Weed almost for free!
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