The Hexapus's Garden

This will be a general dumping ground for any random thoughts I have, or interesting things that occur during my regular grow, if there are any interesting things, lol. It's a sort of continuation of my Green Hole journal, and meant to be somewhere I can hang out at, so I can satisfy my 420 addiction and don't have to be plaguing the people on the FAQ threads with my 'helpful advice'.
The main part of my grow, as featured in the Green Hole journal, is made up of scrogged plants in 7 to 10 gallon pots using Sunshine Mix. Here are the boring details of the grow. So boring that I will just copy and paste them from the description at the start of my last journal.



- Alright here is the nuts and bolts of what is going in in the grow room these days.

- It is a 8x12' room overall about 7' high, divided into two rooms -to make a perpetual grow. The outside climate is quite cool and humid year round. During lights-on the thermostat controlled fan kicks in to bring in fresh cooling air from outside. During lights-out the room doesn't generally heat up, so the fans do not come on. RH gets extremely high ( usually in the 80s but often in the 90s ) especially during lights -out, as the temps drop, plants transpire, and no fresh air comes in. I have been in a borderline situation keeping bud rot at bay for years. I recently bought a dehumidifier which is helping with this.


- I'm flowering in a (roughly) 8' x8'


- I made individual screens 24"x 19". They're supported by aluminum shafts stuck in the pots and I can shuffle the pots around to work though it's a bit cramped. Four screens fit under a light.


- A mix of 7-10 gallons. The ten gallon ones I only filled with about seven gallons of 'soil' but they are big enough that they hold the supports for the scrog screens well.


In the main grow currently I have growing-

~one Mama Thai - 100% sativa. Unscrogged, topped and then trained by Stage's 'dog fence' technique.
~one Pineapple chunk ( just harvested one)
~two Ace Malawi (just harvested one)
~1 Blueberry. (Seedsman)


- HPS lights. They are dimmable- one is 300- 600+, the other one is 600- 1000+ (+ meaning the super lumens setting which is about a 10% power boost)
I pretty much always keep the two flowering lights set at 600.


- Currently sunshine mix #4 which is basically peat moss and perlite. I've been mixing powdered beneficial fungi and bacteria into it before the plants go in.

- Solo Cups - one rockwool, three coco, and two hempies.

- Water is rainwater which falls out of the sky at 5.6 PH


- 5.8 - 6.2


- Botanicare Power Flower, Grow, Cal mag, and the occasional tea with various beneficial ingredients.


- Currently in the 72 - 80 range


- This is in the 50 - 85% range.


- This is a space about 3.5' x 3.5. It's pretty crowded at the moment/as usual. It's a little small for vegging biggish plants. But for now I'm making it work.


- Mama Thai, three. Malawi phenos, Blueberry, Pineapple Chunk, a couple Thai Stick- one male and one unsexed, and a mystery sprout..


- Dimmable MH 300- 600+ watts.


- Basically just the Botanicare grow formula. But when I look in there I see some other bottles I've acquired. This stuff gets splashed in to the mix as well. I'll list them in rough order of how much I use them
Cal mag
Liquid Karma
GH Subculture M&B - beneficial fungi and bacteria
Hydroguard - beneficial bacteria
Zho - beneficial fungi


- I do this off in one corner of the veg room, under a cfl. My current method is to take cuttings ' the usual way' and clone in rockwool, but then put the rockwool/ cuttings in a tub of moist coco coir. I don't put a dome on, but my RH is naturally high which maybe accounts for why things are fine without the dome. The coco stays at a happy moisture, generally without any further touching up, during the ten days or so before roots form.


- No pests in there these days except for me.
Problems, hmmm, yes usually some.

When Marzbadrock posted his solo cup grow competition a while back, I thought it sounded super fun, but couldn't see any way to find time to figure out how to make it work. I'm barely even at the grow much and am always zipping around like an idiot when I am there, with very little time. However I did it. I managed to set up an auto watering system from some old junk I had laying around. And amazingly, it seems to be working -the plants are still alive. At least they were a few days ago last time I was there. :thumb:

This is my first try at growing drain to waste hydro. I don't have a clue what I'm doing other than what I figure out from reading on 420. So far it's been a lot of fun.


-one Critical Cheese (Dinafem),
-one White Widow (Seedsman)
-two different 'Ace Mix' mystery freebies from Ace
-and two 'Lemon Skunk'.

The Lemon Skunk seeds were from a small bag of them that's been in my freezer for the last ten years. I'm a bit hazy on their origins. :lot-o-toke: I did buy one lemon skunk seed at one point, and I grew it out and cloned it for a couple rounds. I don't remember how I got the bag of seeds. Obviously not from a male L Skunk, since I only had the one seed. Self pollinated from nanners perhaps? Or maybe it's a cross pollination from another strain and I labelled it wrong...

Two mini hempies, three coco, and one rockwool


The sinister Hexapus, nursing her brood of six young girls. She feeds them three times a day now, with her life giving fluids. The plants grow to serve her elusive master. She lives to serve the plants, and to serve her master.
And the master lives to serve the plants... Rumors persist in the Green Hole that the master actually has no clue what he is actually doing, or why.
It's strange situation. A closed loop of frantic plant support, growroom maintenance, and general confusion. Is there hope for understanding to be reached in this journal?
No, there is not.
Subbed, be back to catch up later...
would not miss this for the world weaseley,, cheers to ya,, go ma thai,, get er done plant,,

chat soon friend,, cheers:Namaste:
~ Malawi ~

Here are a couple pictures from the one Malawi plant I have harvested so far out of the three females I ended up with. This was always the runt of the litter and grew slowly in veg and ended up a bit skimpy on the scrog screen. Still, it finished first by a mile. The other ones are getting close to harvest any day, when I 'get time', lol.



This is a look inside the curing jar


I already know there isn't any description of this herb I can give to do it justice. I'm almost certain that this, to my taste, is the best herb I've ever smoked. If not the best, it's at least been so long since I have smoked something this good, that I can't remember when. Possibly I smoked better stuff in Thailand a couple times when I was living there. That was over twenty years ago. On the other hand, I was in Thailand and was probably laying on a tropical beach eating fruit which definitely skewed perceptions for the better.
I feared, from the descriptions I've read of its awe inspiring strength, that maybe this smoke would be too strong and nerve wracking for me. But no. I just felt good from top to bottom. I was high as a kite but could function just fine. My mind flowed with energy, and interesting and positive thoughts leapt into my mind one after another. The high lasted and lasted with no feeling that it would ever fade. Incredible herb for playing guitar on, and for doing practically anything else I wanted to do. And amazingly, I slept great, as long as I quit before 1 am, and didn't smoke late into the night. To me, this is everything herb should be. Sorry Mama Thai, I hate to say it but...nothing in my collection even compares to this.
Count me in. Good to see you rolling again, Weasel..
Hey weasel! You know im along for the ride! I been excited for your next journal since you ended the first one LOL. All that bud looks sooooo delicious lol good vibes your way brother
Well weasels least one was a sell out, in which I missed tickets. Made sure I preordered this time, lol....
Good to see your new journal on the go and the Malawi sounds special :) I'm just about to pop into my room to check my saucers and paper towels to see how my...Lemon Skunk seeds are doing! Tried planting the first directly into soil and it failed, hopefully this will sort things out. Looking forward to seeing what goes on with your beast that feeds your babies, catch up to you later and hope you are well ;)
I had a good stoner moment the other night when I was repotting a bunch of plants into 7 and 10 gallon containers. I had my Fiskar trimmers in hand, for some reason which I forget because I was too stoned, and after doing all the transplants... They weren't in my hand anymore! After looking everywhere I decided they would turn up sometime when I could see better. They didn't and I now think that I have planted them. :(
It's not like I can go digging through the pots looking for them! I'll have to wait three or four months now! In the meantime I'll save my money for a new pair of scissors. One of the little known drawbacks to growing long-flowering strains...

I don't know if anyone remembers that post, but today... the joyous moment arrived! I emptied out the container from the Malawi I harvested last night and - there they are. I had just managed to scrape the money together to order two more pairs a couple days ago. I'm going to be well equipped for a trimming party now.

ha,, i was gonna say,, hey, i have heard of that happening before,, ha,, great you found them again,, hilarious,,

were you looking for them in there? did you remember about burying them? :cheer:

good stuff weaseley,, cheers friend,, :Namaste:
I don't know if anyone remembers that post, but today… the joyous moment arrived! I emptied out the container from the Malawi I harvested last night and - there they are. I had just managed to scrape the money together to order two more pairs a couple days ago. I'm going to be well equipped for a trimming party now.

Knew they'd show up eventually. One doesn't get clippers with baggage very often! Keep them by you side to trim all your favorite bits.
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