The Hillbilly's Blueberry Auto Grow - Soil - LED

Hey, all! I am starting this grow while also doing a Blue Mystic Auto Grow- same tent, same setup and environment for the Blue Mystic and the Blueberry. I will begin posting plant pics as soon as she sprouts. Here is the set up:

Breeder: Zambeza Seeds
Strain: Blueberry Auto
Strain Type: Predominantly Indica
Light: 2x300W Full Spectrum LEDs
Light Schedule: 20/4 for the full life of the auto
Space: 2x2x4 Grow Tent
Container: 3 gallon Fabric Smart Pots
Soil: Top half Promix / bottom half is Kind Soil
Temperature: 70°-80°F
Humidity: ~ 60%
Nutrients: None - I grow organic only - no additives/no ferts/no nutes
# Plants = 1
Date Planted: 11/28/2016
Germination Method: Seed planted directly in pot it will finish in

Well, I woke up this morning and said "Good morning beautiful!!!!!" Took 4 days for the Blueberry Auto to sprout and today is day 1! (The Nirvana Blue Mystic Auto is on the right in the pic). She is looking like a healthy baby girl! In the words of Ice Cube - Damn it was good day.




DAY 14 For the Blueberry Auto. 2 weeks old and looking fantastic (front left pot in the top picture). All is well in my little tent!




Day 21 has arrived and the Blueberry Auto is at the beginning stages of flowering (see the yellowing cola and white pistils growing). The Blueberry Auto is the front left pot in the picture. I started LST a few days back and she is responding well. Things are going well over here - just enjoying the ride! :smokin:




Ok,folks.... week 4 is here. The Blueberry Auto is 28 days old and she is looking great (front left pot). She seems to be responsding well to LST I did last week and all is well. Happy new year all!!



Happy New Year Everyone! I hope 2017 is the year that cannabis is completely legalized!

5 Weeks deep - Day 35 for this Blueberry Auto. Everything looks great so far, about 4 weeks of flowering left before harvest! Woohoo!.




Today is day 46 for the Blueberry Auto (front right pot). Everything is fantastic in my little garden of happiness....



I went ahead and harvested the Blueberry auto on day 46 as the trichs were all cloudy (i don't like to wait until they have amber). I got 1 ounce exactly off of her. I smoked some yesterday and it was great - also - didn't have munchies as bad as I normally get so +1 for that!!. THIS GROW IS COMPLETE and my buds are curing.



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