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The infamous claw


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I have a fire og x skywalker og I've been growing for a month and half. All was good and she was resilient to all the stress I put her through, but I gave her too many nutrients too soon (as the soil I use was amended very well) Now I'm dealing with thin twisted and downward curling new growth. Needless to say I leeched the soil out a few times, but I was wondering what I should expect as per the clawed leaves fixing themselves? or Are they clawed for good, in which case is that going to create weird wispy buds?! Please help thank you!!


David Bowman

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Re: The infamous claw.

In my experience, clawed leaves from overwatering can return to normal once the soil dries out. However, clawed leaves from N-abundance are permanent. If N is reduced to proper levels, newer growth will return to normal as shown below with a lady affected by N-abundance in my first grow. These are a series of photos of that lady starting around week 3 of flowering and ending right before she was chopped. You can see that the affected leaves never recovered, but new growth above was normal once I reduced the amount of N I was giving her. BTW, she was the only one of four plants impacted by this even though they all were fed/watered the same.




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