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The Inhalers -- The Band That Really Smokes


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Legalize Freedom 1991
Asses of Evil 2003
Muggles Jones 2006

The singer and guitar player formed DC Metro NORML in 1991. Those were some of the best days of my life. Regardless, the tunes are cool. Yes my avatar is the cover of their newly released album "Muggles Jones".
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I like this music. I am gonna have to check them out more tomorrow when I have some free time. Do they tour or just DC local band? Do you listen to panic, pythaglio?


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Actually they don't seem to tour at all. The last time I saw them live was in April 05 and not because I wouldn't at the drop of a hat. man it was magic when they played 'Asses of Evil'.

I'm guessing panic is a group? I'm afraid I've become kind of isolated in my old age. I really need to get into some new stuff but us fossils get set in our ways.

Oh yes, I just got done listening to Muggles Jones. One thing I must say is each album has it's own unique identity.
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