The Joy Of Growing - SweetSue Goes Perpetual


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The Joy Of Growing - SweetSue Goes Perpetual (LOS, Doc Bud's HB Kit and a whole mess of strains and lights)

Just about 48 days ago I started a journal to chronicle my second grow in my Tiny Closet. I planted two autos, as I had in my first grow, and set out, expecting to repeat the flow of my initial run, hoping to do it one better with a new light. Plant, water, harvest, with some regularly-scheduled amending thrown in to enhance the no-till quality. My plan was to spend my time continuing my education into no-till cannabis cultivation and the Clackamas Coot-style living organic soil I was growing in. Picture languorous evenings researching the soil food web and sharing what I learned through my journal, as we watched the girls mature in the closet.

It didn't work out quite the way I imagined. Today, through the generosity of members of this forum, I have a tent to grow in, seeds to grow and one of Doc Bud's HB kits to play with. The tiny closet was one step away from being retired and I began planning to plant a sativa in a 15 gallon pot of Doc's kit soil. Sounds like a reasonable plan, right?

Well we didn't take into account the genius of DrZiggy and his mad rush towards the development of a perpetual garden under 11/13 lighting. One day he threw his little azalea pots onto a SWICK tray and I started watching closer. Just last week, when he worked out the shelving of the trays in rotation under different lights as the plants progressed through their life cycle, I realized that he was pulling off the perpetual garden I'd envisioned over a year ago, but hadn't had time to work out. There he was, pulling off my dream, right before my eyes!

That did it. Big pots are retired for now. The pot the Dark Devil is in will go perpetual too. There's room in there for another seed now, another in a month or so when the Devil gets harvested and then just keep it going like that. Perpetual no-till pot, perpetual SWICK trays.

So that's what I'm going to do. Such a drastic change calls for another journal, and here we are. Make yourselves comfortable while I lay out the particulars. They're lengthy, since we're planting 9 seeds representing 7 different strains tomorrow, so let's get started.


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What We're Growing: The Seeds (and the Dark Devil Auto)

I have been the humbled recipient of seeds shared by fellow cannabis growers who have gotten great satisfaction from watching me have so much fun growing in my soil. That means I have more than bag seed to use during my learning curve. WooHoo!!! I'm growing in two different soils, so let's split it into two lists.

LOS Seeds

Delicious Seeds Cheese Candy (being planted with Dark Devil Auto in the 7 gallon pot)
- mostly sativa
- genetics: Cheese x Caramelo (OMG!!!)
- Its yeasty cheese taste with liquorice and caramel overtones will blow your mind. While the initial effect is euphoric, after a few minutes it will leave you in a very relaxed and pleasurable state and is therefore recommended for daily therapeutic use.
- 55-65 days
- effect: narcotic

Kalashnikova Auto
- ruderalis/indica/sativa
- genetics: Kalashnikova x Green-O-Matic
- 9 weeks (7 flowering)
- effect: very body-like, fast hitter. Fruity and spicy flavor and aroma.

Auto Jock Horror x Auto Amnesia (a private breeding attempt by a 420 admirer)
Sativa Seedbank Jock Horror
- ruderalis/indica/sativa
- Jock Horror is a three-way marijuana hybrid of Northern Light, Skunk and Haze
- ~ 70 days
- This marijuana variety has a unique fresh flavour and packs a strong "up" buzz.
- resinous to the extreme

Bulk Seed Bank's Auto Amnesia
- sativa predominance
- ~ 80 days
- 75-150 cm
- high THC, medium CBD

Bag Seed from New Year's 2015
- just damn good stuff

Doc Bud's HB Kit Seeds

Auto Destroyer
- AK47 x ?
- ~ 70-80 days
- short in stature
- Pain, what pain? Reports are already coming back with the cannabiniod enriched trichomes of harvested buds from this variety are perfect for making extractions and infusions for medicinal applications.

Bag Seed from New Year's 2015
- good stuff

Auto Jock Horror x Auto Amnesia
- see above

Super Lemon Haze x Blue Satellite 2.2 (not sure, but I believe another mad experiment)
Super Lemon Haze
- mostly sativa
- 67 days flowering
- A very lemony haze, works fast and lasts long. It's a very powerful high, very balanced between a physical and a cerebral side.

Spice of Life Blue Satellite 2.2
- mostly sativa
- ~ 70 days flowering
- The male was selected for its dark purpling and resin content. Surprisingly this F2 is yielding a fairly homogenous crop. All purple by harvest. The same uplifting fragrance and high. Beautiful plants and buds. Dark green and huge, the leaves are unmistakable. Hard to believe it is illegal almost everywhere.
- average yield

African Buzz
- sativa
- 77 days flowering
- an immense , cerebral buzz
- long branches


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The Details


My SWICK mini garden is designed for three trays, each holding 8 azalea pots on a bed of hydrated perlite. Each of those trays will spend a month under one of three light arrays:
- Germination and Seedling: under CFLs
- Vegging: under T5s
- Flowering (until harvest): the current Big Boy: Dorm Grow G8 450 Watt LED panel

At this stage we have the first tray and it's going to be started under the Dorm Grow LED panel because I can. I have the light and it will cover all the plants, so that's what we're going to do. Next month when I start the second tray I'll have a CFL canopy light. The following month I will add the T5s and we're in perpetual mode.

Good grief, this is going to be fun!!! :laugh2:


I am an organic gardener, growing in a particular recipe of living organic soil, designed by a gentleman who goes by the user name of Clackamas Coot. You can find the recipe listed on the first page of either of my earlier journals, linked in my signature below. We have enough to cover without rehashing that.

This grow at least I will also be growing using Doc Bud's HB Kit soil. This is a totally new thing for me, although the methods employed are similar to what I already do for my LOS no-till. I hope to find a happy balance in the care schedules. Still have to work that out. I'm sure the HB gardeners out there can be counted on to call me out if I slack off. Thank you in advance. The LOS is much more forgiving of neglect. These HB guys are determined to teach me to "cultivate". I couldn't be happier to learn.

Grow Space

420Pursuit, a former member of our group, upgraded to a larger tent and thought it might be fun to watch me grow in his old one instead of my Tiny Closet. I think his reasoning was that if he could help me get more space to grow he might be able to watch me grow for many years instead of many months. I think that was really, really sweet of him and I wish he were close enough to hug. Because of his generosity I have the privilege of growing in a 4' x 4'x 6.5' grow tent.

That tent will be environmentally controlled by a 6" Ostberg Eclipse Fan 487 CFM ECFCK6C and filtered with a Can 33 Carbon Filter. That was financed by my best friend who just wanted to see me dance with joy. What a life I'm leading! I'm just waiting to consult my favorite 420 electrician before I hit the "Buy Now" button.

Installing that should make for an interesting tutorial.

Did I get it all? Who, what, when, where, why, how. I haven't covered why, but I want to give that more time to think about it. I've discovered that my reasons for growing have evolved. I'd like the time to articulate it better before posting it.

We have plenty of time to make corrections and additions. Let's get this party started! :party:


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Seeds are soaking in a dilution of kelp meal.


Pots are all labeled, ready to go.



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Excellent introduction to your grow journal, SweetSue. :bravo:

Im really excited to watch you grow all these plants. I have to say the description of the Cheese Candy is sounding absolutely wonderful. I love caramel and licorice too, maybe not together, but Im sure the flavors complement, rather than blend. And the effect: Narcotic. That just cinches it. haha I wonder if they make an auto version.

I wish you a bountiful harvest many times over. :1:


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Hello MysterySeeds and Sorenna. :welcome:

It's just a bit intimidating, going from one plant to ten. :laugh2: This is going to be such fun. :slide:


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Welcome to the journal and to the :420: community illumanotty. :welcome: Have a look around. Please don't hesitate to ask questions. It's a mighty friendly community. Do you grow?


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I am along for the ride and don't let the numbers get to you treat them all the same and they will do great and if you have a picky eater I am sure somebody here will help


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Picky eater... lol

That made me laugh.


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I am along for the ride and don't let the numbers get to you treat them all the same and they will do great and if you have a picky eater I am sure somebody here will help

Thanks Jgutta. The LOS pots I don't worry about. They'll have everything they need. I know, I put it there or will add it as we go along. The kit simply asks me to follow the well-worn path. I'm surrounded by brilliant minds. Successful harvests should be the assumed outcome. :1:

I'm beat guys. I'll see you all tomorrow. Good night. :love:


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Ahhhh ri-ri-ri-ri-ri REMIX! nice change up Sue. All aboard. I might need to split my journal into two now that I think about it. I'm even more excited for you. I have a bit of an addiction popping seeds. It's so much more precious than rooting a cut... within reason of what the cut is. Trust me I've had some "Gollum" like possessiveness over my AC/DC and Charlottes Web cuts. Drove those home with an intensity I wouldn't wish on anyone.


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Welcome to the journal and to the :420: community illumanotty. :welcome: Have a look around. Please don't hesitate to ask questions. It's a mighty friendly community. Do you grow?

Thank you, I'm, currently about a month in from the 12/12 flip on my first grow. So just trying to learn as much as I can and not mess it up too bad haha.


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Yess! :yahoo:


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