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The Kaiser's Perpetual Grow: Moving Toward All Organic

Hi all and welcome to the Kaisers perpetual grow. I grew with a roomie back in college for a year and got great results using entirely perlite but unfortunately I haven't had a chance to grow again till this summer. Last year I was able to reacquire most of the equipment I needed and have been vegging since the beginning of the summer. My goal for this grow and moving forward is too test a couple 'myths' I have seen. The first is the use of a 15 gallon (or larger) smart pot with perlite which many consider identical in performance to 7 or 5 gallon smart pots, even with a relatively longer veg time. Given adequate time for root expansion, I think the extra space will allow for some impressive stretching and much greater nutrient uptake during flower, but we will see! I also I wanted to play around with is the use of organic nutes in a hydroponic setup which is supposed to be nightmare. Rather than jump into this one head on, I have slowly been integrating all organic nutes as various bottles have gone empty and will continue to do so until I am entirely organic. Finally There were quite a few hurdles to jump at the start including root rot, a gnat infection and some deficiencies but I think I have things pinned down well now.

My setup is pretty simple:

2x4ft Veg tent with a 150watt metal halide, 2 bulb t8 panel and a little 25 watt t5 led. The panels are used for clones and small plants and to give coverage where the halide is blocked. Lights on temps are usually in the low 80s with humidity varying between 60% and 35% depending on when I last watered. Lights off and it stays around 72.
3x3 Flower tent with 3x 1000w amazon blurple (pulls ~400watts from the wall). Temps are usually in the low 80s lights on, 72 lights off with humidity sticking to ~40%.


Ayahuasca Purple from Barneys Farm in a 15 gallon smart pot, entirely perlite. She is 85 days old from seed.
Critical from Dinafem in a 10 gallon hempy bucket, entirely perlite. She is 54 days old from seed and a week from transplant into the hempy bucket. She is probably the strongest plant out of all the seeds I popped this round and based on space restrictions is stuck in veg for another two months minimum.

Bagseed Beta in a 2 gallon pot, 50/50 steer manure/perlite. She is 85 days old from seed, 42 days into flower
Kush 'n Cookies CBD from Garden of Green Seeds, 5 gallon pot entirely perlite. She is 85 days old, 30 days into flower
Red Diesel from Barney's Farm 2 gallon pot, entirely perlite. She is 85 days old, 11 days into flower.
Mama Mia from Seedsman 15 gallon smart pot, entirely perlite. She is 85 days old, 7 days into flower.

Watering is done entirely by hand, usually with a shot glass until I can water by the gallon. Nutrients are as follows:

Veg: 18/6
Fox Farms Grow Big: 15ml/gallon
Roots Organics Surge: 5ml/gallon
General Hydroponics CaliMag: 3-4 ml/gallon
Botanicare Rhizo Blast: 2 ml/gallon
Botanicare Hydroguard: 2 ml/gallon
Earth Juice micro nute: 2ml/gallon
Root Farms Ph up: ~2ml/gallon
Root Farms PH down: >1ml/gallon

I also do some foliar feeding with 1ml of Grow Big to 32oz spray bottle when the plants start to get a bit bigger. They love this!

Flower: 12/12
Roots Organics HPK: 8-16 ml/gallon depending on timing and plant size
Roots Organics Surge: 5-10ml/gallon depending on timing and plant size
General Hydroponics CaliMag: 4 ml/gallon
Bud Builder 1000: 2ml/gallon
Botanicare Rhizo Blast: 2 ml/gallon
Botanicare Hydroguard: 2 ml/gallon
Earth Juice micro nute: 2ml/gallon
Root Farms Ph up: ~2ml/gallon
Root Farms PH down: >1ml/gallon

If the roots get nasty I usually add 2ml of hydrogen peroxide and withhold the Rhizo blast and hydroguard for a feeding which happens maybe once a month. I also have a P shooter and amino acid blend from Roots Organics in the mail. The Rhizo blast is getting low and will likely be replaced with something from Roots organics.

Shout out to Seedsman as the Red Diesel, Mama Mia and Critical were all freebies!

I'll start with some photos of Bagseed Beta and then work from oldest to youngest.


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Ok now for Kush 'n Cookies CBD. This should be a really great strain if everything works out with a near 1/1 THC/CBD ratio at 21%/19%. Right now she has a really neat spicy aroma that reminds me of some of the old world hops with just a bit of sweet fruit coming through. A 50/50 sativa/indica with a fairly impressive lineage of Tahoe OG, OG Kush, GSC among others. My notes show she stretched close to 70% of her starting height (a bit disappointing) but I anticipate she will yield a couple oz if she bulks up well. The 60-65 day flowering time seems a bit ambitious, especially with the anticipated CBD content. Nonetheless I'll probably cut her at 65 days and send it in for testing because if the CBD content is confirmed, she will after a reveg, be used to breed my own strain.

I caused some pretty bad deficiencies a week or so ago due to improper PH and not enough calmag. After flushing her and redoing the nutes (doubling calimag mainly) she has sprung back and begun frosting up nicely. She should be dry enough to water here in another day and hopefully I can get things dialed in just a bit better.


Next up is Red Diesel, a freebie from Seedman bred by Barney's farm. I've been a big fan of Barney's having grown their LSD and Critical Kush strains in the past, both of which were some of the best I've had to date. Red Diesel should be a 50/50 indica sativa although mine is growing a bit more indica than that. She has been really easy to grow so far, although not quite as voracious as the Critical she has taken everything I have thrown at her (including the fan falling on her) without a blink.


Now for Mama Mia, another freebie from Seedsman, bred by them too. She has been potted in the 15 gallon since she was about a month old, and in the last couple weeks really exploded. I think her stretch may actually be 100% of her starting height and is the first of two that I transplanted into the 15 gallon smart pots. I have been giving her about a half gallon a week and will hopefully increase that to a gallon once her stretch is finished. She is still on strong veg nutes and I'll begin working her over to flower nutes the next time I water, which should be in a couple days.


Next we have Ayahuasca Purple another one from Barney's farm that I may be using to breed my own strain with Kush 'n Cookies. I love purple strains, I love Kush strains and the Red River Delta implies some Vietnamese influences. Hopefully it's something like LSD with an intense head and body high.

I want to veg this one out as long as possible although I could probably fit it in my flower tent, just barely atm. I think I'll probably give her a good trim and wait for at least the bagseed to finish out before I put her in. I just want to be sure he roots have grown to the pots size and I'm not sure how to even check or determine that. She also had a general nute deficiency from all around weak nutes which I corrected a couple weeks back. Either way, the last week or so she has been putting up a ton of new growth so I think the roots are finally taking advantage of the space.


Finally we have Critical which I popped about a month after all the others. Nonetheless she has grown out extremely quickly and with the new hempy bucket she is probably a week or less from really taking off. I also topped all the main branches and once AP is out of the way, will try and fill most of my tent with her. The Seedsman packet didn't say whether or not it was Critical+ or 2.0...either way I'm super excited to see how much she vegs over the next couple months.


Oh man I fugged up. The metal halide in the veg tent did not turn on yesterday, and I didn't catch it until it had been dark for close to 12 hours. Thankfully the way the I have the timing set, I was able to move the Ayahuasca Purple into the flower tent without worrying about it going hermie, but the same can't be said for Crit. I think the clones I have will be fine since the cfls didn't go out, but damn this is frustrating.

The worst part is I can't figure out what is causing an issue with my MH. When I bought the thing a few weeks back, I bought a new bulb to be sure there weren't issues. When I removed the bulb yesterday, there were no signs of it having burned out. The socket is really awful which I had difficulty with when I put the new one in, so after trying several times to get the bulb seated, I was able to get it to start up again. I can't figure out how the bulb unseats itself with time though, that just doesn't make any sense. On the other hand the ballast makes all the usual noise on startup and is quiet afterword, and the starter/ignitor seems to work within the advertised on/off time (5 minutes). For now the solution will be to run 24/7 until I can find a new fixture or figure out what the heck is wrong with the one I have. If I can find the schematics I may take it down in the next couple days and see if something is actually messed up internally. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

After moving AP into the flower tent yesterday, I gave her and Mama Mia a big trim today removing several big handfuls of fan leaves. I also watered each with around a gallon of mostly veg nutes with some HPK mixed in at around 1000ppm, 5.5ph. The other plants are looking great so far, the bagseed received it's second to last watering before switching to flush sometime this next week. Kush n' Cookies was watered with the same nutes it got a week or so back and is just beginning to show its first brown pistils.

I apologize for the blurple photos, I know they really suck as far as detail goes, I'll try and grab some better ones in couple days during lights out.

Reference size of the plants:

Bagseed Beta: 11HX12W
Kush n Cookies: 16.5"Hx14W
Red Diesel: 9"Hx13"W
Mama Mia: 15"Hx17"W
Ayahuasca Purple: 12Hx18"W
Critical: 9"Hx14.5"W


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The socket is really awful which I had difficulty with when I put the new one in
Sounds like this would be where I looked first. It may be a bad solder joint or wire connection inside the housing if it takes several attempts to complete the connection.
They look good, hopefully you dodged a bullet. I don't think a few hours is going to make them hermie or get all weird on you.
I'm hoping so as well!
Sounds like this would be where I looked first. It may be a bad solder joint or wire connection inside the housing if it takes several attempts to complete the connection.
Thanks for the advice! I'll take it down tomorrow and throw up some cfls I have on backup and see whats up.
Time for another update!

The HP2 and Ancient Amber arrived! I had some nutes premixed for Kush n Cookies and Red Diesel which I gave them last night, so the next feeding will incorporate some extra p and a new amino acid blend. Everything else got newly mixed nutes including a refill of the reservoir on critical with a couple gallons of water:

KnK & RD Feed Schedule:
HPK: 10ml/gallon
Surge: 4ml/gallon depending on timing and plant size
CaliMag: 3 ml/gallon
Bud Builder 1000: 2ml/gallon
Hydroguard: 2 ml/gallon
Micro nute: 2ml/gallon

Mama mia was given a gallon of her own blend with the new nutes added:
HPK: 12ml/gallon
HP2: 7ml
Surge: 7ml/gallon depending on timing and plant size
Ancient Amber: 2ml
CaliMag: 3 ml/gallon
Bud Builder 1000: 2ml/gallon
Hydroguard: 2 ml/gallon
Micro nute: 2ml/gallon

Ayahuasca Purple Nutes:
HPK: 8ml
HP2: 5ml
Surge: 7ml
CaliMag: 3 ml/gallon
Bud Builder 1000: 2ml/gallon
Hydroguard: 2 ml/gallon
Micro nute: 2ml/gallon

Critical Feed schedule (late veg)
Grow Big: 10ml
Surge: 10ml
CaliMag: 3 ml/gallon
Hydroguard: 2 ml/gallon
Micro nutes: 2ml/gallon

I also watered all the clones which have their own mix at:
Grow Big: 1ml
CaliMag: 2ml/gallon
Hydroguard: 2 ml/gallon
Rhizo Blast: 2 ml/gallon

I didn't take the ppm, but I'm sure it's fairly low, maybe even too low.

The next feeding of Kush n Cookies and Red Diesel were also mixed and will likely be delivered in the next 3-5 days. If RD isn't looking too hot after the last feeding I'll flush and move her over to AP's nutes.

Future KnK & RD Feed Schedule:
HPK: 12ml/gallon
HP2: 10ml/gallon
Surge: 3ml/gallon depending on timing and plant size
CaliMag: 3 ml/gallon
Bud Builder 1000: 2ml/gallon
Hydroguard: 2 ml/gallon
Micro nute: 2ml/gallon

My PH meter got some water in it, so I used some ph solution to get things in range (5.0-6.5). Before the next feeding I'll have the ph meter fixed or get a new one. I trimmed AP and mama mia last night as well, trying to expose some of the lower tops and remove everything else that the light can't get to. I'll probably follow up one more time in a couple days once both recover.

Bagseed Beta: 11HX12W (no real change, save bulk)
Kush n Cookies: 16.5"Hx14W (no real change, save bulk)
Red Diesel: 14"Hx14"W
Mama Mia: 15"Hx20"W
Ayahuasca Purple: 16Hx23"W
Critical: 12"Hx16"W

As of the 12th I began flushing the bagseed, starting by running about 5 gallons of sink water (~150ppm) through the medium, repeated again today and likely once more on the 16th before the dark period. Normally I would give her longer to clean up but RD needs better light access and she's a bagseed anyway.

Finally I've got two healthy Ayahuasca Purple clones and two Kush'n Cookies clones. I intend to buy some colloidal silver and a thc/cbd test kit in the next week or so and set about creating my own strain. I'll probably reverse the sex of one of the AP's and use him to pollinate a Kush n Cookies clone. Once I have some seeds I'll pop ~10-20 and flower from seed. Depending on the consistency of the F1 lineage, I'll either breed the remaining two clones for additional seeds or save for later backcrossing. The F1's with optimal thc/cbd ratio (20/5 or 20/20) will be backcrossed with Kush n Cookies, then I'll begin selecting for vigor. Both plants are 60 day strains, and I will need to wait at least 40 or 50 days to get a really good picture of thc/cbd content for testing, but I imagine I can reach F5 or F6 by this time next year if everything goes as planned.

Stay tuned for more!


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