The Kind Pen's TruVaMini+ Dry Herb Vape Pen - A Review By Doc Bud

This review progressed in an unusual manner. My first vape of the day was to review this dry herb pen and I'll admit I was just slightly off in my mood and confess to being disappointed I had to review "one of those lame dry herb vapes." Yes, I've used these sorts of mini and slightly larger dry herb vapes, even others with a ceramic chamber and digital temperature control. My opinion was that this genre of personal vape doesn't really work as well as the wax or oil based pens when it comes to attitude change.

So, with not quite as much enthusiasm as the TruVaMini+ deserved, I opened the very clever and durable box and the accessory package and gave the pen a charge. After ten minutes it was fully charged and ready to go.

There was no need for directions. Three clicks, instead of the usual five clicks turns it on. Temperature can be set via +/- buttons on the face of the vape and that's that. Turn it on and the ceramic chamber will heat up to the target temperature in twenty seconds. That's it. Three clicks turns it off when the herb is exhausted. In my opinion, this simplicity is both elegant and welcome.

I first turned the bare chamber all the way up to 435 degrees in order to vape off any solvent or substance that is often present as a result of the manufacturing process. I did get a brief hot plastic/hot metal smell and there was visible vapor that came out of the dry empty chamber. I highly recommend this process for all vape pens.

Then I ground up the most aromatic herb I had and packed the chamber very lightly with a small metal wax pic. Three clicks and twenty seconds later I had six large, absolutely delicious hits: the best of any vaporizer ever. The Kind Pen never ceases to amaze me. This is the third product of theirs I have tried and each has outdone the other. By far, I can say that this TruVaMini+ is my favorite vape pen.

I much prefer to smoke flowers to wax and oil, but in the past these types of vapes haven't delivered good enough performance to enjoy properly. However, as mentioned above, this pen draws very easily and produces combustion free, delicious and voluminous vapor. For a real treat, turn down the temps and vape some terpenes that often get lost in combustion and higher vaporizer temperatures. It's all at your fingertips and is 100% intuitive.

Expect six very large and satisfying draws from a single chamber. I should also mention that the herb was incredibly evenly vaped with zero burnt popcorn smell.

Finally, this fine product is backed by a Lifetime Warranty of the entire product. They'll replace any and all of it, for free. Period.

If you want to enjoy flowers and herbs discreetly the TruVaMini+ is the perfect size, works as advertised for three hours, and charges with a universal micro USB port.

All this plus a free bi-level aluminum herb grinder and the Lifetime Warranty for $159.99. I remember when this stuff used to be expensive! This is a great product at a fantastic price.

420 Magazine Review By: Doc Bud, Product Reviewer
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