The Late John Trudell Explains Why We Need Hemp Now

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The time for hemp is now, and the return to this sustainable, healthy, and common sense crop is already underway. Since 1937, hemp has been prohibited by the federal government, however in recent years, a handful of U.S. states have moved to permit government regulated hemp production. Most recently, New Mexico introduced a bill to legalize the plant by removing it from the state's list of controlled substances.

"If HB166 successfully passes, a farmer would not need a license to grow hemp. There would also be no regulatory structure so hemp would be grown, bought, and sold just like tomatoes or pumpkins."

John Trudell was a Native American rights activist, musician, actor, poet, and protector of the earth who moved into the immaterial realms of the spirit in 2015. His legacy lives on, and the 2006 full-length documentary Trudell tells the story of his inspiring yet tragic life. Among many social issues, he was outspoken about the need to re-open American farmland to the cultivation of industrial hemp, a crusader for the many uses of this uniquely versatile plant.

Ironically, hemp was not only legal in America's past, but for a time the federal government actually required farmers to produce industrial hemp as part of the original plan to turn the United States of America into an industrial global powerhouse. Many of the nation's founding documents were even written on hemp paper, again, highlighting the remarkable history of hemp and casting suspicion on the reasons given for its prohibition.

In 2011 gave the following explanation of why hemp is the king of all crops and why the world simply cannot survive without it. In simple, direct language, Trudell explains why a hemp-based economy would be much more advantageous for our world than a fossil-fuels-based economy. The message is especially prescient at a time when Native Americans are engaged in a struggle to prevent oil pipeline progress in America's wild lands, as hemp offers an incredibly salient alternative to oil.

The conspiracy against hemp is coming to an end, and for good reason, as explained by one of America's greatest activist and poets.


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