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The Legend of Atlantis

Julie Gardener

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Wow, this is something new to me. Watched the first one, gonna buckle up, sit tight and wrap my brain around it! I have heard of advanced civilizations out of our realm, maybe this is the one!? Always room for more possibilities :)

Edit...very utopian, very alluring and strangely sexy!

It is quiet an adventure to get through all of these...I am on 23 and will finish tomorrow. Amazing, I have never seen this but strangely it doesn't seem foreign to me at all...Light is key, that has come to my awareness a few times. It seems that we need the Budda thinking and frequency listening to get through to a higher place. I found myself chuckling here and there but honestly I resonate with a majority of it, enough to open myself up and go higher, if anything it can only be good and it feels right 'to me'...I have been aware of some strange things so I don't rule anything out until I have enough info...

Love this very much, thanks for posting it 420 and finishing up 420Cyclist...:Namaste:


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Looks interesting. Anyone have any comments on if they are worth watching? Theres a ton of em..haha

Julie Gardener

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They are interesting. My advice is to start at the beginning with the first 25. ;)

The rest just give more detail about the whole subject. If you get through it one of these days please share your thoughts. :1:
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Solon tells us through Plato that Atlantis was west of the Pillars of Hercules one days sailing.
The Pillars of Hercules are found where the straight of Gibraltar meets the Atlantic Ocean. One days sail to the west brings us to the Azore Islands.
They are a volcanic Island chain located on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.
Around the end of the last major ice age the Azores would have been above sea level. After a possible cataclysm by asteroid/ meteor impact around 12, 000 years ago the oceans rose over 400 feet destroying many seaside dwelling civilizations.

If you are curious about this further check out a guy on YouTube named Randall Carlson. He supports the Younger Dryas Impact theory and connects it to the possibility of Atlantis being real.
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