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The Liberation of Missouri


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i beelieve it to be wrong that marijuana is still illegal in missouri.missouri has some of thee bigest farms iin the country.if it were to be legalized we could grow it in massive amounts to were we could sell to other states and maybe even ship to other countries.at the rate people consume weed just in the bigger cities of missouri alone would generat at least 1million dollars in tax revenue that would be going back into our schools, healthcare, and social services.IF YOU LIVE IN MISSOURI AND WANT TO JOIN THE FIGHT JUST JOIN THE DISSCUSION.ADD WHAT INFORMATION YOU WANT AND DONT BE AFRAID TO SPEAK YOURE MIND .


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I'm a Desert storm Veteran living in Mo. and I suffer from PTSD, In 1991 in Saudi Arabia I was in a scud missle attack where I lost 28 of my comrades all at once, the use of marijuana help's ease the pain and loss that I suffer from everyday. I believe that if we are truly one nation under God, all states should legalize the use of marijuana. The Law's now on it are seriously hurting this country by putting many thousand's of people into prison's and making felon's out of good people. They by which I mean the government, would rather I consume their prescription drug's as to having the freedom of using natural mean's, so they can keep lining their own pocket's. It should be my right as an individual to use what work's for me. I thought that's why I fought for, my right's and freedom's for all!!!!


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I just graduated from the University of Missouri and was elected to be a board member on the newly-established Mid-Missouri NORML chapter. We aren't giving up until we see cannabis legalized — hopefully in 2016! :cheer:
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