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The Machine - Automated growing area


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The MachineÂ

Hello I would like to share my project (in progress) with you all. Please commend if you have ideas, tips?
Im building a fully automated hydroponics growing room. Im also designing a modular automated system for indoor growing.

These were my top requirements:
* Safe
* Super quite
* Undetectable
* efficient
* Smart
* Cheap (if possible)

#Growing/drying room finished
#Fan controller finished
#Ac timer circuit beta
#12V fan control system.
#Air quality module (in development)
#Safety system (in development)
#Air heater (in development)
#Data logging (in development)

About the Electronics:

The system:

-Fully isolated and made of fire retardant materials. (Rockwool, special plasctic)
-includes a drying area separated from the growing area
-Hydroponics system
-Carbon filter 1000m3
-750m3 fan (centrifugal fan, 150W)
-LED grow light 1250W (supper efficient and light spectrum control)
-Custom: Fan controller with motor temperature sensor input optional air temp sensor input (if used as standalone climate control system), phase angle control, current monitoring and power consumption. Can be connected over CAN-bus with other modules and to send and receive data from other modules (like the datalogger and safety system.
-Custom: climate monitoring module, up to 4 temperature and humity sensor inouts + CO2 sensor. Also supports CAN-bus
-Custom: Safety system: smoke detector, fire detector, water leakage sensor, GSM notifier notifier, Can remove power of whole system, battery powered. CAN-Bus supported
-Custom: data logging/webserver module that displays the date in a user friendly way
-Live stream. (IP camera)

Some of the features that are in the development stage:
-Automatic nutriance and water quality monitoring like PH and EC
-Air heater (functional but safety features need to be implemented)
-Water heater
-Remote control (change system setting from anywhere)
-CO2 system
-Control system from android app

Live system data (more parameters will be added in the future)

TheMachine - ThingSpeak

Some pictures:



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I am also building an automated controller, though am not giving as much thought into room construction as you are. Very well plotted out, and excellent use of space. I agree with LEDBud, but I've always been a fan of putting less effort into one plant than more effort into many. What kind of controller are you using? I'm using an Arduino Mega (Ethermega) and am networked through Blynk. I've found that Blynk has a lot more functionality, and to my knowledge supports all the more popular PCU/MCU boards, plus it links only to my preferred device, or any other device I authorize if I so choose to. Look for "Blynk" in the Play Store/iTunes App Store.
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