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The MedicineMen's Deep Water Culture - Jack 47/Purple Pineberry/Afghan Kush Ryder


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Hey everyone. After lurking around and looking at everything on the forums, I've finally been motivated to make my own profile and maybe try my hand at my own grow journal.

First off, everyone should know this is a medical marijuana grow straight out of michigan, and everything is legal as it should be. :thumb:

Second, If i'm a tad slow to responding or updating, it's due to my not knowing much about the forums (lol). So I have appointed a family member to take care of all the forum work while I maintain the plants.

Now that all of that is said and done, let's move on to the actual journal. :blunt:

I will be growing out of two seperate rooms.

The first is a simple 4'x2'x6' (WxDxH) box for veg/cloning. It holds:

1- Sunblaze 4' 8 bulb T-5 High output fixture.
8- 55 watt bulbs (4 cool/4 warm)
1- 100 CFM bathroom vent fan :cool027:
1- 6" clip-on air king fan

Thats about it as far as hardware. The actual system itself runs on 2 five gallon buckets each holding a mother plant in a 10" mesh bucket pot filled with hydroton rocks. They are top fed good old Ionic grow nutients from a Gh farm kit drip ring on each plant. They run for 30 minutes every 12 hours, and are powered by 1 eco-air duel outlet pump. There is also a seperate air-pump powering bubble stones in the bottom of each bucket. A pretty affordable set-up for a 'mother box'.

The second room is a 5'x5x7' (WxDxH) area for flowering the plants. Inside is:

1- 400w. HPS EYEHortilux bulb inside one "Sunleaves" 6" air cooled reflector.
1- 400w HPS Harvest Pro ballast (outside room)
1- 396 CFM Active Air Exhaust blower
1- 12" Oscillating wallmount fan for air movement

Pretty short on hardware again, but it all works. The actual system, however, consists of 8 five gallon buckets with 10" mesh bucket pots filled with hydroton rocks. Like the mother box, all plants are top fed with drip rings every twelve hours for thirty minutes. Also like the the mother box's buckets, there are 6" bubble stones that run 24 hours a day. All the buckets inside the flowering room are plumbed together with 1/2" black vinyl tubing for ease of filling and draining. Again, the rings and stones are powered by 2 four outlet eco-air pumps.

:tokin: That was alot. Smoke break. :tokin:

Onto the Plants. For this grow, we'll be raising an eight plant mix of three different strains:

First up, we have 5 Jack47 plants growing from clone - Info taken from breeder.

"Jack 47 is a super yielding plant with demolishing effects combining the best qualities of both progenitors in one genetic variation. The plant possesses extraordinary vigour which translates into large buds with a great abundance of resin even in the accompanying leaves.

The aromas and flavours of the variety are sweet and scented inherited from our mother Jack Herer.

We would highlight that this variety offers great resistance to fungus attacks bearing in mind the size and density of the buds produced by this variety.

Due to the genetic freshness and hybrid vigour of this plant it is appropriate for all types of cultivation. Its extraordinary vigour produces strong and healthy cuttings which in optimum conditions can take root very quickly, even in 7 days.

This variety is not recommended for new consumers.

Indian /Sativa: 25%-75%
Production: Maximum
Interior Blooming: 9 and a half weeks
Exterior Blooming: end of October
THC: 18-24% CBD: 1,6% CBN: 0,5"

It says "This variety is not recommended for new consumers" for a VERY GOOD REASON. :tokin: I can personally vouch for that as this is a personal favorite of mine.

Second, we have 2 Purple Pineberry plants growing from clone as well. - Again, info taken from breeder.

"The Purple Pineberry that we have selectively bred is a great hardy plant that boasts a distinct pine scent and fast flowering time. Developed as an outdoor variety, but also grows great indoors. Very dense round buds that are easy to trim.

- Indoor: 45 days
- Outdoor: Sept.15
- Genetics: Pure Indica"

This strain is new to me, so I really don't know how it'll turn out yet. Looks 'berry' good though. (Horrible puns are fun!)

Last, but certainly not least, we have 1 Afghan Kush Ryder plant being the odd one out and growing from seed. - Info taken from breeder

"This new cross between Afghan and Ruderalis gives a new autoflowering indica strain. The characteristics are from the well known Afghan Kush with the autoflowering coming from its ruderalis genotype. It is actually an Afghan Kush with a reduced size and shorter photoperiod. A new special treat for lovers of this legendary variety.

Bank: World of Seeds Bank
Way of crop: Exclusive for indoors. Outdoors the crop is reserved for the months from may/june when the photoperiod is on its maximum.
Linage: Pure Landrace proceeding from Afghanistan re-crossed with Ruderalis.
Genotype: indica-ruderalis 100%
Hight: 40-80 cm
Wide: Limitated to what one stem can proporcionate. It is not recommended to do cuttings with autoflowering strains.
Growing phase: its growing phase depends on its flowering phase.
Flowering phase: 45-55 days indoors and outdoors. Its flowering does not depend on a photo period.
Production: 100-150 gr /m2 indoors

Resistance to mildew: High
Resistance to plagues: Middle/ High.
Irrigation tolerance: It does not like to many irrigations because of its ruderalis genetic. Fertilization is tolerated specially in advanced phases of flowering.

Medical value: High
Smell: Hahs
Taste: Noble wood
Effect: very narcotic, almost devastating.

THC Level: 22%"

Almost devastating...:slide: All I can really say as this is another new strain for me.

Anyways, right now the ladies are small and uncloned, but at this rate we'll be up and moving in no time. I intend to update this grow as often as possible with pictures and info, so keep watching for stuff to come.

:MoreNutes: "Grow little guys grow!" :MoreNutes:


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Re: The MedicineMen's Deep Water Culture ~~ Jack 47/Purple Pineberry/Afghan Kush Ryde

Welcome to the world of DWC. Have you ever grown hydroponics before or DWC before because your DWC seems fairly adcanced with the drip rings from the GH Water Farms. Few of my DWC have the drip rings and it seems to help. I like DWC a whole lot better than soil. This way I change the res every 7-10 days. I add for vegging Fox Farm Grow Big, SensiZym, Azamax, and also sometimes voodoo juice, Tarantula, and Piranha. My roots are so big, healthy and thick it is amazing. They take up the whole 5 gallon bucket. For flowering I use AN Connoesseur (sp?) any who its a 2 part bloom solution very powerful and worth the money. I also use the old runoff to fertilize my soil plants and they are kicking ass. I'm harvesting two plants and getting some really dense stanky nugs and all I used was fertilizer runoff, and wood ash, and bong water and Sensizym and Bushdoktor Kangaroots. Its all in feeding the soil not the plant. That is the key my friends. Feed the soil, not the plants. Fifgure out how bioactive soil benefits plants and you will grow the dankest weed with half the nutrient solution u would normally use because your plants can take up so much nutrients.


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Re: The MedicineMen's Deep Water Culture ~~ Jack 47/Purple Pineberry/Afghan Kush Ryde

@Growing247: Thanks for the welcome. :D I can't really say this is my first DWC setup, but it COULD be considered the truest hook-up i've managed in the past 2 1/2 years. :rasta:
I really don't grow with soil because of all the trouble in the past...that, and like you said, the root balls in DWC and hydro get HUUUUGE. I just feel it's the better option for me. It's always great to hear dirt is working well for others though.

On top of that, I've also taken pictures of the flowering room, Veg/Clone room, and a few more pictures of the little ones. (And also some not so little ones.:cool027:)

Right now, we have 8 Jack 47 plants at four and a half weeks (all grown from clone) flowering in our flower room...This thing-

^^ Here you can count 'em. 8 Plants, all a-goin'.

In the top picture, You can see the way the the exhaust pulls air straight through the reflector to cool the light itself and remove heat directly from the room.

In the bottom picture, you can see the air intake for the room (filtered from the outside for ease of access) to the right, a slight bit of plumbing on the sides of the buckets, and in the back corners are the two eco-air four outlet pumps, again - one for the drip rings and one for the bubble stones inside the buckets. Also rigged to the buckets are water level indicators for easy recognizing of when I should be topping off the water.

:yummy: Pretty good I think! :yummy:

Now, across from that we have the Veg and clone room. Pictures below.

Not too much happening right now in there other than 6 jack clones and a purple pineberry seed that just sprouted a few days ago.

The Jack Clones: (3 days off of the mother.)

Doin' Daaaaaayuuuuum fine I think.

The Purple Pineberry:
Seed started 28th.

Seed cracked on Jan, 1. 2011

Seed planted in root riot dirt plugs on Jan, 2. 2011

P.Pineberry Seed As of Jan 4. 2011

As for the Afghan Kush Ryder, She's still waiting in her seed as she is the only plant who won't be growing from clone. So after the mother for the P.Pineberry grows and we take those clones, the A.K.R seed should be cracked and ready to go.

That's about it for now. More to come later.:rasta:


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Re: The MedicineMen's Deep Water Culture ~~ Jack 47/Purple Pineberry/Afghan Kush Ryde

Hey 420. Back again with a small update on the little Purple Pineberry. I'm really amazed at the speed of his growth. In five days the sprout has grown into this: (Sorry about picture size.)

"Jan, 7. 2011"

I can definitely see this being a 45-50 day plant. :yahoo: As soon as there is visable progress on the Jack47 plants i'll do another post with more pictures.
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Re: The MedicineMen's Deep Water Culture ~~ Jack 47/Purple Pineberry/Afghan Kush Ryde

Back again with more updates on the plants! :allgood: Just a few more pictures of the clones and a little update on the Jack47's in the flowering room.

First, I wanna say that even on the 3rd grow of the Jack47, I'm still surprised at at the development. Buds are coming in strong and there is still 30 days untill harvest.

And that's just one little bud. There's still all of this that's growing as well:

^It's almost scary when I think of the trimming to be done. Almost.;)

Tonight I added more boost, and will be now replacing it twice a week for three weeks until flushing time (which will last ten days) to get the biggest buds I possibly can. I'm thinking this time around I've found the best schedule to adhere to, and excitedly await the end result.

Oh, can't forget the little ones either! The Purple Pineberry is still chugging along like a beast. She even popped her shell off sometime last night or this morning. If this strain produces even HALF as much as the Jack47, then I think this may just be a permanent addition to the growbox.

I almost feel bad because it seems like she wants to outshine the Jack clones. They're doing great as well, if a bit on the droopish side. Every other time i've cloned them they've survived, however, so i'm not concerned in the least.

Other than that, Not too much else is going on. Check back soon for more updates (especially on the P.Pineberry!) and leave a comment. :blunt:


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Re: The MedicineMen's Deep Water Culture ~~ Jack 47/Purple Pineberry/Afghan Kush Ryde

Okay! Sorry about that useless post right up there. I meant to come back later that night and finish things up, but I got a little tied up and forgot all about it. :smokin2: To make up for it I bring A picture of the Trichromes on the Jack47 plants in the flowering room. Take a look!

Also, I bring great news regarding the plants! The Jack47 clones that were drooping just a little bit are beginning to stand back up. Like I said earlier, the Jack47 hasn't done me wrong so I wasn't worried about them.

They look perfectly healthy now, and I'm at the point now of having a tough time choosing the next mother. Already weeded out 3 clones (gave them to other med patients) and i'm planning on finding "the one" soon. :cool027:

As for the Purple Pineberry, She's been cracked for 12 days and ALREADY she's been placed in her rock-wool block. I really don't know what else to say other than, "just check the pictures.":smokin:

All in all, Chugging along pretty well. There's gonna be more stuff coming later, but right now plants only grow so fast. :blunt:


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Re: The MedicineMen's Deep Water Culture ~~ Jack 47/Purple Pineberry/Afghan Kush Ryde

:tokin: Big news time.:tokin:

Finally picked the Jack47 clone I want to keep as the next mother. I think it's the best out of the three I had left, so I took her and put her in the rockwool block next to the Purple pineberry. Everything's finally getting started.

The two plants finally alone. :cool027:

The Purple Pineberry. A star in my journal.

The perfectly healthy Jack47 clone.

Again, once these two plants grow, they will become new mothers for 8 new plants for the flowering room. (5 jack, 2 Purple, and the uncracked Afghan Kush Ryder)

On that note, The Jack47 plants in the flowering room are doing excellent. Everytime I look inside the buds keep getting bigger, and shooting more trichromes.

Compare to five days ago.

A litte bit of side bud...

...And a big helping of monster Jack47! :slide:

They start their flush in 16 days! Only 10 days after that untill they come down, and then it's time to trim 'em up. :smokin: However, The work still isn't over. Once they plants in the flowering room come down, the 7 clones and the new Afghan will begin flowering, thus starting the cycle over!

Anyways, that's all for now. Stay watching, and I'm gonna stay updating! :)


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Re: The MedicineMen's Deep Water Culture ~~ Jack 47/Purple Pineberry/Afghan Kush Ryde

I'm in :popcorn:


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Re: The MedicineMen's Deep Water Culture ~~ Jack 47/Purple Pineberry/Afghan Kush Ryde

Late night update. :blunt:

Put the new mothers into their buckets this morning! Got some more pictures as well, but mainly just wanted to throw these up here before it got terribly late.

Good ol' purple pineberry. :cheer:

The Jack47 still chuggin along.

Now that they've been put into their buckets, these ladies are gonna start growing like, well...weeds. Considering the rate at which the Purple Pineberry's been growing though, I can only imagine what it's gonna start doing now. Guess that's why the pictures exist though. :smokin:

Anyways, I'll get more pictures of the flowering room tomorrow as the lights are off right now. Check back then for more. :)

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Re: The MedicineMen's Deep Water Culture ~~ Jack 47/Purple Pineberry/Afghan Kush Ryde

nice set up..plants look great


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Re: The MedicineMen's Deep Water Culture ~~ Jack 47/Purple Pineberry/Afghan Kush Ryde

Progress! :yahoo:

Finishing up on the last post, I snagged some pictures of the flowering room while the lights were on. A little more nugget development, but mainly alot more trichromes compared to the last photos.

As you can see, the buds are starting to cluster up towards each other and beginning to do that whole "drumstick" thing. I'm wondering how the big beefy group in the middle's gonna turn out...more waiting it seems. :welldone:

On that note, the plants in the veg box are still going wild, especially the jack now that she's began to heal up a bit after the shock.


Purple Pineberry

The colors are really starting to come in, but moreso than that are the way that they're starting to fill out more near the tops.


The crazy massive purple pineberry, standing at a whopping 4 in.

Really, the pictures explain the plants in every way. I can't get the proper emphasis in text on how excited I am that the purple pineberry is growing so quickly, but I'm sure with all the photos and whatnot i've posted you can see how geeked I am about it. :51:

Anyways, that's about it for now. More to come later when the plants do more stuff.



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Re: The MedicineMen's Deep Water Culture ~~ Jack 47/Purple Pineberry/Afghan Kush Ryde

Hey everyone! Thanks for the views and comments, I hope you've enjoyed what we've got so far. I know I have. :party:

Anyway, I fooled around in the flowering room before the lights shut off trying to get some video of he plants, but it came out kind of weird in the end so I had to forego it. Since I couldn't bring you all that, I figured i'd just get some more pictures and hope that does it until harvest when the lighting won't be too strong so I can try my hand at another video.

Enough with the rambling though. I figure you all are interested in the plants, so here the beautiful ladies are.

17 days till harvest!

I like this picture because you can really see where the buds are swelling at the top.

Close up of the bud-in-progress.:bong:

Like I said earlier, only 17 days till harvest, and just 7 days till they flush with clean water. If you scroll back up a bit and then back down, you'll really notice the progression. (I had to do it a few times myself!)

As always, the plants in the veg box are doing awesome. I know I say it alot, but it STILL amazes me at how fast this purple pineberry is growing, and now that I look at it the Jack47 clone is shooting up like something that flies. :reading420magazine:

Another size comparison. Go ahead and do the scrolling again.

Purple Pineberry @ 22 days.

Jack47 clone @ 29 days (from cut)

Again, I'm hoping to get a video or two up by harvest, but I still don't know if my camera will be able to work around those crazy light waves. Regardless, the photos will still keep coming with news, so stay watching for the next update.



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Re: The MedicineMen's Deep Water Culture ~ Jack 47/Purple Pineberry/Afghan Kush Ryder

@J4s2uo: Yup, the Purple pineberry is a quick, 45-day flowering pure indica plant. Seems to be holding true to that, just gonna have to wait to see if it does as well as it says. :roorrip:

Hey everyone, checking back in with another update on the not so little guys again.

I Figured I may as well snag a few more pictures while I was in the veg room changing the water over to full strength, and when I pulled the Purple Pineberry out of her bucket, I was met with a surprise.

I just don't know what to say! Amazing growth, Amazing rooots, If it just yields decent we'll be better than alright. :high-five: I also trimmed up the Jack47's old leafs and it looks like a whole new plant. Check out the good ol' size comparisons.

Purple Pineberry - Top down

Jack47 - top down

Purple Pineberry - Side view

Jack 47 - side view

^^I don't know how much longer I'll be able to take these pics, the plants are starting to get too big and both might not fit in a single shot any more.

On the flipside, Had a little trouble with the flowering room today. Upon looking inside, I couldn't help but notice I was missing a plant or two. It seem's that at some point in the night, the buds kinda...fell over! Everything's alright now though because I got in there and just tied them up a bit. Pictures!

The flowering room. The plant in the back right is the one that mysteriously "disappeared" last night. Wouldn't know it now, though.

A bud growing low and center.

A bud growing toward the right.

A bud growing near the top and to the left.

I tried to get some pictures to show you all what each area is growing like, but I still think that the video might be the best option for that. I also want to find another microscope so I can try to take some more close up pictures of the trichromes.

Anyway, that's about all the news I have for now. Stay posted, and I'll stay posting. :reading420magazine:
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