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The Mega Crop Thread


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Baron Von Blurple

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I have been using @farside05 rinse/reset method in which you dont flush with triple the volume of pot size with tap water. Instead, depending on size of pot, drop about 4 L (1 gallon) of tap water on the plant and follow with a full nute. That way you will get a rinsing of the medium, followed by a nute reload. I do this about once every 4 nutes. Because Megacrop is not a salt based nutrient, there is not as much need to flush out the build up.

If I didnt have any issues with my plants, I probably wouldnt even rinse/reset them and just keep nuteing until something shows up that would require a rinse/reset.


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I don't see anything here that builds up to cause a lockout like EDTA salts do, therefore there should never be a need to flush 3x... I can see a need to give water only now and then when you overdo the nutes so as to keep them from building up in the system... but that isn't a flush either.


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Haven’t ran one flush but do res changes but prob do a quick flush soon but I’m with y’all not as mush salt builds up witch even surprised me
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