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The Mighty Vaporizer


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Here she is.... I call her Vanessa Vape. Cant seem to keep my lips off her. :) :circle-of-love::kiss::36::circle-of-love:


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I just got my Mighty, and since I've nothing else to compare it to, I can only say I think I just forever changed the way I'll consume the herb. I'm still learning what temp to use, but it's easy to change settings and control temps. Thanks to all who reviewed and input their experience. It helped me decide to get the Mighty.


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Mighty Vaporizer was really good stuff and we like it very much .. but if you could connect it with your water attachment. bongs that will be wonderful..


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when the hot vapor come out from heating chamber then going to plastic mouthpiece then plastic tube...it maybe some little plastic taste. so the purest solution would be using glass air path..... avoid vapor connection with plastic..

.. all portable vaporizer likes almost seem.. but vapexhale desktop vaporizer was unique because the vapor almost no contact with other material except Glass....

take it as reference.. ...


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yep.. mighty was best vape for years. lot friend love it and vape it day by day .
Hey Canad420
My Mighty arrived today fully charged! :woohoo:
I loaded the bowl and......wow.:8:
Tasty and plenty vapor. I tapped out happily!

load herb with mighty stand that will be easier.... ;)
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