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The Mountain: Grow Support From The Over 50 Club

:yummy: There is more growing experience in The Over 50 Club than in most growing threads on 420 Magazine.

Other threads consistently replow the same ground; "Am I over fertilizing? Over watering? Is this a male?" :50:

Look, dont take this wrong. I'm happy folks get to learn a lot on here :21:
And the general attitude of the folks on the site is great :high-five:

BUT...(you knew it was coming)... :18:

If you want a growing question answered from folks with a vast amount of hands-on experience, from people who are used to making stuff work well, WITHOUT a lot of money and input costs, or extra work...then The Mountain is the place to be ;)

:nomo: People from all over the site can come here, to the Mountain, to have their growing questions answered for real, by the oldest and most experienced growing folks on 420 Magazine!

If I had a growing problem with any of the crops on my farm, I asked my Dad and Grandpa and that is precisely how I view our contributions to this site. :amen:

So this is it.

The Mountain.

I think this is where I probably need to be to save my girls. So, I have a 4x4x80" and a 1200w COB LED light. I am currently in veg mode and last night I noticed my new light was still shining very dimly. My concern is that it would be more than enough light to mess up my flowering stage....right? Tks.


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Hello all residents of The Mountain.

What a great idea. I'm glad I found you guys. I'm looking for some tips, if you'd spare some time?
I'm starting a scrog on my single plant. She's a Tropicanna Bannana from Barney's.

Sorry about the blurple, she's too big to get in and out of the tent and she's in a fabric pot so I'm worried about bothering roots.

I have a small tent. A Mini-Tent, in fact. It's only 120cm tall and she's 60% sativa so you can probably already see my efforts to keep her small.

It's my first scrog so I'm keen to get it right first time, so understanding I don't know everything, I am reaching out to you fine folk.

Any tips on how to keep this girl small but packing are welcomed with loving arms.

Feel free to pop by my journal in my signature and have a read, it's not too long as of yet. But really any advice at all would be amazing.

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