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Hope everyone had a good Christmas.

Thursday update :)

Starting with the Blueberry Bliss auto at 93 days. It's been 10 days now since the top was harvested.
BbBliss 93days.jpg

As best I can tell, I still have at least a week or two before she is ready...
BbBliss 93days bud.jpg

BbBliss 93days bud2.jpg

BbBliss 93days bud3.jpg

Here is a quick shot of a clone of that first bag seed girl. The cold made her go purple.
BS clone purple.jpg

Here is the Appleberry at 36 days in flower.
AB 117days 36FL.jpg

AB 117days 36FL bud.jpg

2 days of hanging the top of the Blueberry Bliss auto and I decided to make a cob with part of it. This was made with 27 grams.
BbBliss cob 27.17g.jpg

Here is how it looked after the sweat.
BbBliss cob 2 days open.jpg

I forgot to get pics of the first cob that was made with the bag seed plant. I cut a small sample of it a couple of days ago when it was 30 days old.

Thanks for looking... Hope everyone has a Happy New Year!


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That appleberry looks incredible. As I have never made a cob, what is your preferred method of consumption?
Thank you nobody, I'm pretty happy with the way it's turning out so far. I have no preferred method on the cob yet... This probably seems strange to most people around here, but the only way I have consumed cannabis is smoking. Have never personally seen an edible or a vaporizer or anything like it.

Love the Appleberry and that's a real staggered harvest on the BBB! Lots of frost but how cold did that bagseed clone get?
Thanks Shed, the coldest I've seen it in there so far has been 57F. That bagseed clone has gradually been getting darker for at least 4 weeks now. I cut a couple of limbs off her a few days ago to make room for an AB clone that I am trying to reverse with STS.

Beautiful ladies MoN, and I love the look of that Cob. Please let us know how that sample was, and how you consumed it!
Thank you dajerm. I have not taken any sample from the BBB cob yet. I cut a small sample from the bagseed cob when it had cured for 1 month and smoked 2 small hits just to see how it tasted and smelled. It's very nice and earthy and gave a mellow, but alert high. I will probably try the rest of what I cut later tonight and will try to remember to write down the details. I'm sure I'll cut a sample off the BBB cob in a few days.


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No, not strange at all, up until two years ago I had never had or seen an edible. Vapeing was completely new. Now I am pressing rosin, dabbing (easier than smoking) and making qwet.....lol. I still smoke and enjoy it quite a bit. I first encountered weed around 81 or so...its funny to think all that time and no edibles.

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Hey MoN happy new year to you, hope all is good.

Just finished catching up with Sheds thread. Glad to see things are a little more sedate round here. :) Although no update in 2019 :oops::oops:.

Your plants are looking great, could do with a sample while I wait to fly lol.

Thank you PD, happy new year to you too! I hadn't even realized there were no updates posted here this year.

The Blueberry Bliss auto was mostly chopped and updated in "The Blueberry Bunch" last Friday, and here are a few pictures of the Appleberry.


lots of color changes with temps getting down to 56f several nights


Thanks for looking.


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Absolutely lovely pictures and the colours look great MON, really good/nice to look at bro well done!
Thank you Peppers, I really appreciate you saying that. :thanks:

o quiet one, how are things?
Most things seem to be going pretty well... have been trying to figure out the best way to bloom some plants that are a little too big.

Damn, is it almost time for the bi-monthly update? And really, is bi-monthly twice a month or every other month?

I meant twice a month if it helps the joke...
:high-five: Almost!

Ok, since I'm already typing, here is a little update on the garden.

Dry weight on the Blueberry Bliss auto was 85.7 grams.

Also harvested the Appleberry and got 555 grams wet and 153 grams after drying. Harvest was split so these pictures are 3 days apart.
AB harvest 1.jpg

(AB harvest part 1)

AB harvest part2.jpg

(AB harvest part 2)

Super cropped the biggest Appleberry clone enough to get it to fit in the tent and may flip it today. Got it down from 4' tall to 32 inches.
AB clone1 in tent.jpg

Still have 2 bagseed clones that have been squeezed down to appr. 4' x 4' x 4'. Just finished doing some more super cropping on the left one.
Bagseed clones SCropped.jpg

Still have 14 additional AB clones that will have to be figured out before the bagseed clones can be flipped.

Thanks for looking... :)
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