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The Naked Queen - Preview


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YouTube - The Naked Queen Preview

From the growing fields of British Columbia to the front lines in the struggle for medical marijuana, to the cafes of Amsterdam....explore the mythology, history, and politics of cannabis. Of the war on drugs which has in essence become a war on cannabis. Starting with the ancient history of cannabis and leading to the extremism of US federal policy with regard to this enigmatic plant, this feature documentary strips away the propagandist illusions about cannabis with its "roots in hell", unveiling the hypocrisy of this entrenched policy.

The Naked Queen explores cannabis from a cultural rural Canadian perspective. It finds the common sensibilities around the issues of growing and using cannabis. The Naked Queen looks at the facts around the demonization, the rising number of arrests for cannabis and asks why an increasing amount of money and energy is being spent to keep this plant in prohibition? What are the effects of prohibition and who is benefiting?
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