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hi everybody, like to start by saying im happy I found this site. a lot of good imfo on here. im 52 and live in Kentucky. ive been a rope smoker longer then most people on here have been alive.however I must say the younger generation is doing a wonderful job of finding better ways go grow. and the new strains that I have tried so far are just WOW!!!!!!:circle-of-love:when I started smoking you could get a five finger bag for $20 bucks.yes it was just good old Mexican but it did the job.now lot of people bitch about the price of rope but I think its worth it.i recently got my mom(who was a real rope hater)that is 79y/o to try sum light of jah auto that I grew. what a change in that old bat!!!!ill post pic of here one of these days.im sure u probly already figured out im buzzed and rambling . with that being said I wish you all the best :peace: oh crap I forgot why I got on here to begain with!!!! as I was saying I grew some light of jah autos awhile back and I used miracle grow. please it was my first grow go easy please. I know it was a bad idea now. so my question if a person was to grow say ak47 autos and he was going to use general hydroponics floraseries what would be a good feeding chart to follow. ive read so many diff charts I thought I would get on here and see if I can find one most people agree on. oh 5 gallon buckets pro soil nothing added. thanks again stay hi my friends!!!!


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Greetings! :)

I love that you got your mom to try your bud (it would do mine a lot of good!). :)

Enjoy the site, I'm sure you'll find all the info and support you'll ever need. See ya around!



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:welcome:oldschool62! You've just found the absolute BEST site on the web for growers, smokers, legalization... all things weed my friend! I smoked back in the early/mid 70's and had a LONG layoff because of military and career.. now I'm finding that the cost is more than I want to deal with so... grow my own! It's the only pain relief I don't think I can OD on! lol Looking forward to seeing your postings! Take care & happy tokin'! :peace:

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welcome to :420:

its awesome that u grew some weed that u got to let your mom smoke..

check out our AUTOFLOWER thread

i was also confused how to start feeding my autos not wanting to give to many veg nutes . luckily i was growing in fox farm and it had atleast 4 weeks of nutes in it. i started on week 2 of the schedule and then went straight to the transition feeding . i ended up with a 2 1/2 ft plant and almost 3 dry ozs..:goodluck:


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Welcome to :420:I been using GH for some time I'm using this nutrients I'm in soil and this is the chart

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i would adjust the feeding schedule for autos a little bit ..
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