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The PeaceMaker Pollen Press

Captain Kronic

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I just ordered a Peacemaker pollen press. Found it for about $200USD... that's quite a bit less than some other places I found. While I won't post the link here... send me a PM if interested and I will show you where I got mines!
W/it, I picked up a custom press coin, gotta have that shite cuz that's how I roll... or press, would be correctly spoken... LOL
I also found a coupon site that got me a working coupon for 10% off the total, saved me about $24usd... saweeeet!
When it arrives, I will put it to work and post pics of the finished cheese and also a product report if I am able... I have quite a few reports to write as we have been breaking in quite a few new pieces of equipment these last couple of months... busier than a one legged man in an ass kickin contest!


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they work great, but keeping it nice and warm in your hands will get you that few last turns of the handle.. ill blow on mine as if my hands are cold it helps.


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Interesting trick,Trunk. I used to do something similar in reverse with a homemade press in the late 70's/early 80's.

I'd put the trichs in the corner of a plastic bag and hold it tightly in my hand for ten or fifteen minutes before I put it in the press.

It mad a big difference in my results just as I figure your method does for for you.
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