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The Pineapple Express, Full Trailer


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Ahaaa i wish i could have seen it in theaters. I watch it when i'm high, and i swear to god every little part was made to make stoned people laugh. It's genius. :]
So was I. Who says you can't be high as hell and go to the movies? :lot-o-toke:
Huaheuaheuah, why i never heard of this movie. Im laughing my ass of tho sadly not stoned right now. Looking forward to my good night toke now while watching this movie the first time. I guess ill enjoy? :D :)


Big fan of the movie. I think it helps that most of the main guys in it - Seth Rogen, James Franco, Danny McBride (the guy from "Eastbound and Down") are all real life stoners and get pot culture pretty well.

Found a collection of Seth Rogen interviews where he talks about how much weed he smokes: Seth Rogen Weed Quotes | List of Seth Rogen Marijuana Videos Pretty hilarious, and it's cool that he's so willing to talk publicly about smoking.