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Hundreds of testimonials and herbal experts agree that marijuana can alliviate PMS!

In the 1800's cannabis was commonly used by women to alleviate menstrual cramps and labour pains. Yet by 1920, women were being told that the symptoms they had around their period were due to innate physical problems, and their reproductive organs were often removed as a cure. Nowadays, women are frequently told that their very real physical symptoms are psychological, and are handed a prescription for antidepressants or tranquilizers.

These harsh drugs take weeks to build up in the system enough to produce a noticeable effect. It seems like overkill to take something that can throw many of the body's systems out of balance and cut down sex-drive, every day of the month, to try and alleviate symptoms that typically last 3-5 days, before and during a woman's period.

Often, all that's needed to relax the tense, stimulate the sluggish, and soothe the crampy, is a couple of puffs of RCMP — Royal Canadian Marijuana Products.

We can now proclaim to the world that for many women PMS is hugely alleviated by cannabis resin. The proof lies in my collection of testimonial letters submitted by women from around the globe via the internet and regular post.

These personal experiences prove that women should be insisting on access to this good herb if they are victims of this disorder, which can be disabling and even marriage-threatening in extreme cases.

Almost 200 letters, stories, and submissions are powerfully convincing, many poignant to the point of inspiring tears in the eye of the reader, some too private to ever print. What follows are just a few typical examples:

Hi Dr Kate. I have used marijuana cigarettes for my premenstrual rages and grumpiness for the last 15 years. Works like a charm. My family is glad. What else would you like to know?

A husband writes:

My wife has used marijuana to control nausea and lessen cramps. It seems to work very well, even in low doses.

A Canadian lady writes:

About your medical marijuana and menstrual discomforts, etc. I have used it for many years for pre-menstrual cramps and bitchyness— PMS! It helps me to mellow out and also to tolerate the intense lower pains that I get once a month for about 3 days.

From a man in the US:

My live-in girlfriend suffered from severe cramps and depression for 2 to 3 days a month during her period. She did not smoke pot until I suggested it might help out with this, since watching her suffer was agonizing for me too.

The results were even better than expected, and she continues to smoke pot for this condition. She did do some rare occasional recreational smoking, but every cycle the pot would make her life considerably easier.

She has since moved to a state where anti-pot laws are severe, so she often does without for this reason.

And finally, from a teenager:

Dear Dr Kate, I have been smoking up since I was 14. Now I'm 17. My mom found out and so I had to stop, but when it's that time of the month, I sneak over to my friend's house if she has some, because it really helps the cramps and headache.

Herbal remedy experts

In my studies of herbal remedies and natural healing methods I have found only a small handful of herbal expert writers courageous and honest enough to include cannabis in their repertoires.

One of these is the late,great Dr John R Christopher, author of School of Natural Healing, the ultimate herbal and natural healing instructive text. He and other early herbalists call cannabis by the name Indian Hemp, but there is no doubt they are referring to the medicinal herb.

Dr Christopher lists cannabis in 11 different categories of usefulness, including Hypnotic, Antispasmodic, Analgesic, and Emmenagogue, which is described as follows:

Herbs that are female correctives to the reproductive organs, which stimulate and promote a normal menstrual function, flow and discharge.

Susun Weed is the only prominent herbalist of our time who is brave enough to speak up in defense of the much-slandered herb. She also explains that cannabis as an important emmenagogue, and describes the benefit of a couple of puffs of nice, warm bronchial-dilating smoke as "good exercise for the lungs."

I quote her "Wise Woman" philosophies often, because they are full of common-sense insights and down-to-earth wisdom. She has knowledge only experience can bring. Susun is revered among midwives and natural women of all ages who want to take responsibility for their own bodies.

Dr Kate can be reached by email at: galbraithe@upanet.uleth.ca.


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Great article. Even Queen Victoria used MJ to treat her cramps!! It works miracles for me, also!
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