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The Politics of Pot: The Rules In Butte County

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
CA: The Butte County District Attorney's Office has several guidelines for medical marijuana listed on its website.

Perhaps the most significant guideline District Attorney Mike Ramsey specifies is that members of a cooperative or their caregivers must actively participate in the cultivation of marijuana. Other counties allow for just monetary compensation in lieu of labor.

Qualified patients and/or primary caregivers are allowed under California law to "associate ... in order collectively or cooperatively to cultivate marijuana for medical purposes."

No other definition is given and may lead to confusion as to what is allowed. In Butte County, the following are the guidelines to avoid conflict:

# Do document each "member" of the collective/cooperative along with their recommendations and contact information and keep documents on site or reasonably available.

# Do document each member's contribution of labor and resources to the collective/cooperative. Each member must actively participate in the cultivation. The collective/cooperative grow must not merely grow for absentee qualified patients.

# Do not grow more collectively/cooperatively than the sum of each members' total recommended needs.

# Do not distribute marijuana to anyone at all outside of the collective/cooperative.

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