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The Prince Of Pot With Barry Cooper


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this interview was absolutely brilliant - on the part of marc emery
and barry cooper

ive never trusted "leap" and this really shows their complicity in prolonging prohibition by refusing to take advocacy to where it has to be in order to effect change

mind you, i had some difficulty in part 1 of the interview to accept that barry cooper was truly a reformed "narc"; it really irked me when barry cooper joked about his 800 marijuana arrests & it wasnt till part 2 that i was persuaded that he genuinely believed what he said.

the texas high school history and the whole adrenaline motivation thing was particulary insightfull

thank you marc & barry, a great piece



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Very good presentation by Mr Cooper. What he said makes a bunch of sense. I used to live in LA County not far from LA. A buddy always told me when a cop is walking up to your vehicle, never take your hands off the steering wheel, up high where the police can see them. Might be a LA thing-they have very "western" enforcement agencies, the LAPD, the LA County Sheriffs, the CHP. Always play it safe. The videos speak for themselves.

Further, the article got me thinking about what Emery was up to these days. These are the most recent articles that mentioned Marc's battle ...

"Every soldier fleeing US imperialism has so far been refused sanctuary in Canada, a move that ignores our heritage of having welcomed draft dodgers during the Vietnam War. When Mark Emery was arrested for selling mail-order seeds to Americans, he was arrested in Canada by US agents. All these political prisoners must fight legal battles in a biased court, and Canadians are left with a nagging question: just how much of Canadian sovereignty is a myth?"

-Travis W Dodds August 17, 2007

The Republic of East Vancouver - Your completely biased news source since 2000

"I don't want to live Marc Emery's lifestyle. But I don't think that he should suffer a minimum sentence of ten years in a U.S. prison, or even as much as life imprisonment without parole. We cannot depend on the United States government or the DEA to behave rationally. The only way to save Marc is if the Canadian authorities develop a backbone and disallow extradition."

-The Atavist June 4,2007

The Atavist: Help Marc Emery!
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