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The Purps


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Strain Name - The Purps
From - Probably Cali
Price - :11:
Type - Mostly Indica.
Appearance - Really pretty! Light, dark greens and dark purple hues. Light orange hairs and a frosty coating of trich's! :rasta:
Smell - Nice dark fruity smell. A burnt smell that is also nice and somewhat fruity.
Taste - Very smooth. Has that distinct "purple buds" taste, grape type flavor.
Type of Buzz -Creeps on slow. You feel a little head high initially, then a very relaxing body buzz sets in. I had a decent size bowl. Does well as a good relaxing and therapeutic smoke.
Length of Buzz - We're at a hour in and its going strong.
Best Medicinal Use - Very relaxing. Does my gut well. It's not the strongest stone or high, but I would say its great medicinally.
Overall - Love it. I love that purple taste. :tokin: On the exhale, WOO! love it, great tasting buds are really what make actually smoking better than vaping in my book. Relaxing but not overbearing, its a nice change of pace. Good for the appetite, I can't ask for much more! Mixed with the blue cheese its lights out!;)

Pictures in next post, Aloha :surf:

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The Origin of that strain is from a Mendo (local purp) clone and the Mendo Purps IBL... that's inbred for those who don't know... lends much stability to the strain!

I am doing quite a few of those this season... HOOWHAA!

PS... I concur w/you on the smoking over vaping... I'm rollin ode skoo!


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Sorry guys, pictures are coming at some point. Before my 4/20 special reviews! Gonna be Grapeberry and Lemon Kush. The former is amazing smoke!

Having alot of trouble with the compy i am using. But I will figure something out tomorrow. Aloha!


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Have 16 outdoor...cant wait ...have 30 indoor 2 weeks away....very very purple...wondering if anyone knows what kind of outdoor yield purple kush has...typically ???? Thanks


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This stain smells a bit fruity and taste same as the smell. It looks like a popcorn looking nugs, green with purple leaves running throughout. It has a nice high effects and leaves your operational after a bowl or two :51:
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