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The following thread is about topping auto's.

If they're growing real good, top em by the end of week 3.

Give them a little bit of defoliation and you may be able to extend the veg a little as well. (I ran across this theory and am still experimenting with it, but I did manage to get an auto to veg for 2 months, others 6 weeks, and one was 4-5 weeks.)


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Didn't really have any place to tie this citrus skunk down while it's in a small pot so I used some clothes pins for weight to train her.
Yip, that'll work. :thumb:


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East Coast Marley420

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This really caught my attention after seeing how this works, love it and already started on my Gorilla Glue #4, and I cut 5 clones from her as I was doing this, it'll be sweet if they root, I will be doing this on my Northern Lights also, thank you for this awesome information.


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My 2 Quadlined girls have reached budlet stage. I am wondering if it is too late to do another round of supercropping to level the canopy even further and bring the height down 6 inches. Other than that they appear happy and looking good to my eye. :hookah: :slide:



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Dropped 4 beans today.

Strawberry Amnesia
Lost Coast OG
Gorilla Glue #4
Red Dragon

Excited to be back at it and will make sure to post pictures along the way! It's been inspiring seeing all the people try quadlining lately. Sometimes growing gets a bit redundant it's its almost been overwhelming seeing many people trying it out and having such success and beautiful plants!
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