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The Quest For A Kilo


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Moving on from the last harvest it's time to try again to hit the 1kg from a single plant under a 600 watt HPS. Last run was close, maybe this time ;)

I'm going to run this as a perpetual journal - Following Mono's monster 5.0 through her veg and flower period, whilst setting the next plant up. I'm trying to set up a three plant perpetual cycle where I harvest more than 25 ounces every two months. I've been successful in the yield every four months with a filler grow inbetween, it would be good to dial it all in this year to remove the filler grow and just rotate three plants.

I've got two strains to alternate at the moment -

Northern Lights x Big Bud From world of seeds
Purple Kush From Crop King Seeds

Currently we have a NL x BB in veg (one month old from seed) and three clones from the purple Kush (from two different plants) If one of the purple kush display a purple pheno then i will keep that clone for future big plants and alternate between her and NL x BB ;)


Currently we have the next 1kg contender one month old from seed :)

The purple kush clones (rooted and growing)

And the filler run under the 600 watt HPS ;)



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Excited for this one. Came in pretty late on the last grow. I'm currently growing two random autos from cks. They are about six weeks old. However I don't think one of them is an auto because it hasn't started flowering yet. Which is fine because I just started a money maker two weeks ago so they can flower together. Anyway good luck Mono. Hope you get the 1kg this time.


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Congrats on your last happy harvest , you will do it for sure this time around

I love my green girls


Plant of the Month: July 2016 - Nug of the Month: Nov 2016 - Photo of the Month: Aug 2018
Cheers all and welcome aboard! :Namaste:

I did some training on the NL x BB this afternoon, going to leave her until after the weekend before transplanting her to the final container, sitting on the fence a little bit at the moment, not sure if I'll go 36 litre pot again, or run the bigger 56 litre pot... With about another 8 weeks of veg to go, she should root out the larger container.

I also transplanted the three purple kush clones into larger pots.


We have more visitors again this weekend but come Monday I will put a little more info into the posts, especially relating to the veg period and getting a plant ready for big yields so hopefully anyone interested in having a go will be able to take something from the journal ;)


Plant of the Month: July 2016 - Nug of the Month: Nov 2016 - Photo of the Month: Aug 2018
So, the training consisted of a little LST, and a bit of a defol. I mainly removed any fan leaves overly shading and any overcrowded growth, slow and steady at this point.

Each of the main branches were supercropped, I will continue doing this every couple of inches as they grow. I was sceptical this time last year on any high stress training, but having tried it myself it seems to work, if you have the time to let them recover.

Purple Kush :) Fingers crossed one of the flowering mothers shows a purple pheno.

And we are stretching now in the flowering tent, hopefully Monday will be day one of flowering (we have been on 12/12 for a week so far)

Auto anesthesia, she veged and flowered her first two weeks under the led, she seems much happier under the hps

Have a good weekend everyone!


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Just joined and I've been intrigued by the coco grows, reading and seeing your journey has helped loads on me deciding what medium to use, also I'm a big fan of your minimal labour approach which I would have to aspire to with my workload.

Good luck Mono and I'll think you'll smash the kilo


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Nice mono so far so good. Once i start growing my medicine, my plan is similar to yours harvest every 2 months or every month if i can make that work. I am not looking for super high yields unless i can make it work. Thats why im on your journal. You definelty know how to mae high yields so im taking all the info in i can. Cheers
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