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The reason why fruit sugar (fructose) is beneficial in flowering

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To understand my answer to this you need to understand the molecular structure of THC.
In the last 10 days or so of my grow, I have been going out my backyard to pick a bunch of oranges, which I juice and add to my water. I apply immediately on making to my plants.
Why fruit juice? For the hydrocarbons in fructose, that's why. You can see from the image that THC is a molecule that has carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. These same elements are the same as in a hydrocarbon such as sugar.
By adding the fruit juice to my water, I am adding fructose. Fructose is the simplest of all the sugars, and is immediately available to the plant. More complex sugars such as sucrose (as in household sugar or molasses) maltose, or dextrose, take longer to become available to the plant, and have all been refined, losing all the natural benefits of fresh fruit juice.

Here is the THC molecule.


When the plant uptakes the fructose, it uses the carbon molecule to build cellulose; and in flower, it uses it to produce THC in conjunction with oxygen and hydrogen. In effect,the plant is rearranging the sugar hydrocarbon to your benefit.

The trick with growing big buds is to maximise your nutrient delivery, to meet the needs of a plant being grown under lights. Fruit juice is but one way of maximising the available nutrients to a plant for good growth.
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What is a good fruit juice/water ratio to use when doing this.

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Excuse me Mr. Smookin Moose,

I wonder if you ever reuse your soil at all and if so, how does the pulp and fruit matter affect future grows?

Also, what other fresh fruit juices can be used that you recommend?

Thank you for your time!


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Moose cleared it up in another thread

Ok, the sea tea (or liquid kelp) can be sourced fom agriorganics.com in the USA. Make sure it does nt contain fish. It must be pure kelp.
As for the oranges, I went out to the tree and picked 4 oranges per plant I had growing, juiced them and added that to 10 litres of water immediately. I started adding the juice 2 weeks before expected finish date for flowering. I don't even strain the juice. The plants loved the orange juice. Combined with sea tea, it is a good way to increase yield. Flavour is not affected, as the orange flavinoids are not uptaken.


Smokin Moose

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You can use honey, and most likely get good results. I prefer the fresh fruit juice as it is 'unprocessed' and still has the Zing of fresh fruit juice.
The more complex the sugars get as they get processed, the longer it takes the plant to uptake.
Sorry I missed earlier posts on this.
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Hello Moose. I read about useing orange juice & I doubt that it is not working this way you want. Plant roots do not take up sugars from soil. Plant makeing them theirselves, useing ATP, which is made throw the photosynthetic process.
So it´s also meanless to discuss, which is better, orange or whatsoever juice or even honey.
What may sugar do good in soil ? I suppose that bacterias just love sugar, for them it is good :) but are these bacterias good for plant...


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Great post moose.
I am sure it would take a truck load of oranges to do anything bad to your plants but i am interested in the orange water ratio that you use also.


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I did this once with honey during flowering, once with pinapple during veg, and once with grapefuit juice(all fresh squeezed) during flowering. I think they like it. I think Moose said one tsp per gallon, but I am not exactly sure.
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they sell corn sugar at the store, I got a bag in the kitchen. they have em because it's sweeter and easier for diabetics to eat, low-calories too. do you think I could warm up a 1 cup of water on the stove and add like 2 tablespoons of fructose stir it in to dissolve, then (after it cools) throw it in my res? :rasta: :439:

oh wait I will need to measure everything out correctly to make it about as sweet as orange juice on the orange juice concentrate it says 8 oz of oj has 25g sugar... so can I melt like 25g of corn sugar into 8 oz of H20 and have orange juice substitute? I don't want the orange juice acidity in my plants roots, I think this method will be a little milder.


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I heard about this in an HT issue. I may have to try it on a few plants. I use Sucanat, it is generally accepted as a substitute for brown sugar. Unlike regular brown sugar, sucanat is grainy instead of crystalline. Of all major sugars derived from sugar cane, Sucanat (not a "processed" sugar[2]) ranks the highest in nutritional value, containing a smaller proportion of sucrose than white cane sugar.[3] However, Sucanat (in common with all sugars) is not a significant source of any nutrient apart from carbohydrate.

Sucanat may be confused with Turbinado sugar; however, the two are fundamentally different. Turbinado sugar contains only a trace amount of its original molasses content, making it more or less like refined sugar except with a golden color and a hint of molasses flavor. Sucanat, on the other hand, retains its full "molasses content and flavor", thus making it, as stated above, pure dried cane juice. Its grainy form also contrasts with the clear, crystalline form of Turbinado.

I also use Turbinado sugar, also known as turbinated sugar, is a type of sugar cane extract. It is made by steaming unrefined raw sugar. Turbinado sugar is similar in appearance to brown sugar but paler, and in general the two can be exchanged freely in recipes. A popular brand name is Sugar in the Raw.

You can mix up to 4 TBSP/gal. But I like to use 2 TBSP of "Sucanat" and 1 TBSP of "Turbinado"/gal. I have found that this substantually enhances the natural aroma and flavor of the finishied meds! Also, I see some folks only use sugars and fruit juices in the last 2 weeks, why? I use these natural enhancers through out Flowering.

The result/response from friends & family when I open the jar is, wow, OMG, this smells delicious, mouth watering like you could eat the meds! And the taste is unbelievable! :cool027:

Both Sucanat & Turbinado are available at natural food and health stores.


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What he's trying to show is that plants don't uptake sugars. they make their own as a part of photosythesis. At least that's what I got out of his post and the wikipedia link. I hope I'm corrected if my understanding is wrong. I don't have a opinon myself. I've tried products designed for this result and wasn't impressed. I tried a product called "sweet" once that left my buds harsh and they burned black. The same strain grown at the same time with the same exact conditions except without sweet burned clean and tasted clean. IMO the less you put into your plants during the grow, the less you have to leach out or ingest at the end.
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