The Red Cup!

Hows everybody doin?

My girls are just chuggin along, im watering / feeding everyday. Because of the frequency im alternating every other day with each. The buds are getting bigger, i guess im doing something right...
Anyone close to harvesting here? I'm awaiting your epic bud pics lol. Reefer?

We flipped on Oct 13, so harvests will be starting on 12-13. Not sure bout the others but im going 9 weeks on my BB. Harvest on the 12-20.
Yea mine will be done in two or three weeks.. i need to look at the trichs soon. Meant to post these the other day oops.

Well, i had those Very small (1L i think), i filled about 2/3 with some soil + perlite And added 2 brickseeds. I'm gonna put a few more to germinate And SEE what happens in 500ml pots.

They are 12 days old, And its Been Very hot here.

Hey folks, had some troubles on my end, Aus isn't as friendly too people who grow plants as the rest of the sensible world..

My entries from earlier on in the month where donated to some close friends of mine, they tended to them closer but didn't take many pics! Smoking some now, by the looks of things they where definitely harvested early!

Very nice plants Age and Blood, a nice sight to see ..
5 days til i chop then it's a couple weeks for dry and cure. Don't forget to post you final weights, we're looking for a cure at 62% rh. That way everybody's buds will have the same water weight. Any way, here's a couple more pics I got.


Haha sorry i had left her hanging in there until today.. been lazy. Just chopped her up and weighed her. Id agree your bb needs a few more days.. still a lot of white pistils. Looks great man!

Ill weigh her again once she is rehydrated.. i was gonna use her for dry sift but she smells too good so i changed my mind. Smells like sour desiel fruity skunkyness.. mmm.

Hell yeah Toast, I'm happy that mine still alive and growing. At this point she's day to day. Not a whole lot of frost, but the seeded Blueberry I smoked definitely left me feelin gooooooood! Congrats on gettin her to the finish line!!!
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