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Something some of you may find interesting in the Religious defense arena Please distribute.


The North American Native population has sucessfully changed the illegality of peyote for religious purposes. That was seven years ago. It is legal for anyone to posses peyote in Canada in button form as a result to this action by the native populous. The RCMP told me this upon request.

Merry Christmas to all of faith. Please distribute to as many bulletin boards and news sites as you can. This needs duplication!

To: Crown Counsel Mr. Von Myers

St Albert Court

Fax:780- 459-5088 Constitutional Challenge notice

From: Minister of God Edward-Jay-Robin: Belanger


Re: Charges of Possession of a controlled herb created by God substance ie. Religious sacramental marijuana a non criminal civil violation(Queen vs. Hauser BC SCR.1979)

You are in violation of your Supreme law of Canada in preamble and section 32 invoking the application of the charter law upon you, not me, as I am a registered Minister of God and am following the Biblical theistic dictate and gift of Genesis 1:29 and Deuteronomy Chapter 4:1-2; Chapter 7:-;Chapter 8-;Chapter9-;Chapter10;11;12;13;14;Etc. This is God's book of laws, laws that apply to me as the preamble so subliminally puts. If the Queen with the advise of the Lords Spiritual says God is Supreme and the rule of law, then you, or any other Crown allegiant, that says mans rule code and regulations take precedent over Gods rule are in breach of their oath of allegiance to the Defender of the faith acting in a seditious manner contrary to the royal style as clearly defined in the Queens act the statute of Westminister that applies to you as agent and representative of the Crown, directly, and making a blasphemic statement.

I as a minister of a registered Church disavow any Corporate Status and that any bonafide contract exists between myself and the Crown or the Government of Canada. I am a Creation of God and Challenge you and all the Justice ministers of Canada constitutionally to prove otherwise or that you have authority direct from God that says you have jurisdiction over me or that you can take away God's gift, or tell me how to worship God, when God's rule of law has not been violated.

The Defender of the faith as Gods representative acknowledges the Supremacy of God. I ask you as the representative of the Defender of the faith do you recognise God as supreme? Do you recognise Gods scriptural word as the rule of law? Do you know what Blasphemy is?

Would you as the Crowns counsel come before another Crown allegiant, a judge, encouraging and advocating Blasphemy? Blasphemy is stating that mans law is precedential and supercedent to Gods law. Do you know the definition of sedition and treason? These are some of the issues that I intend to challenge with regards to jurisdiction.

Let us be reasonable, Marijuana is Gods gift to man. It has never been proven that anyone is damaged by using it. The Australian Government's two year study exposed by Foip at the request of the CBC said that drivers that use Marijuana are actually better drivers than sober drivers. They shelved that study for obvious reasons. No one has ever made a formal complaint or filed an information they were harmed by the use of marijuana. I ask you what is the purpose of an unconstitutional law? The courts have told the Federal Justice minister that this archaic repressive dictate has no force or affect and to revise the law to apply constitutionally.

I have heard, through, albeit rumours from more than one source, that some Crown prosecutors use Cocaine. Will you submit to an urinalysis? Will the possible use of this drug influence your ability to properly represent the Crown in a matter of theistic jurisdiction? These questions have no intent to defame you or discredit you anymore than a man hiring a worker that he has heard is an alcoholic. He has the right to ask and you have the right to reply in denial or in tacit consent say nothing and admit the fact by failure to rebut. Will you deny or fail to issue recognition of the Supremacy of God and will this denial or failure on your part influence the record and your jurisdiction so as to make you just a man with some words of no force or effect? Can an atheist or a Man or woman of contrary religion participate in the religious prosecution and adjudication of a Christian using one of God's gifts as his right and religious practice and belief ? Would this represent a conflict of interest if so addressed as a concern? Can an allegiant to the defender of the faith and servant of the Crown deny the supremacy of God when asked to do so? How can God reign as supreme and his rule of law if that is possible? Can a man dictate that God's gifts are illegal without committing blasphemy? Can you prove that God gave you or anyone else permission to take away his gift to his creations of men and women? Did the King draft the statute of Westminister to protect the Royal style in particle. Is being head of the church of England part of the Royal style? For how many centuries?

Please do not dismiss this case or withdraw the charges. I intend to set the record straight with these questions and if you attempt to thwart my efforts this is called obstruction of Justice by you! And I will press forward with an information against you! Remember your allegiance and ask yourself what the Queen would say. If you fumble this case she will not be amused!

You are hereby ordered and relinquished of permission, as you never had it, to use my name in any other form than what appears above. I will not answer to any other name and will press for Fraud Charges if you violate my dictate and my unalienable right to my name. The Federal Treasury board, that has authority over you, has a document called the "Canadian Style" You may be interested to note that it is authoritative over all federal departments as a format for communication in all forms and is respected internationally as an authority for grammar and punctuation. It clearly says you shall use upper lower case for a name inclusive of indicated punctuation and that an all capital name is reserved for a department of defence operation as in SILENT DEFENDER. There are other federal documents that state that a corporate name will be printed in all capitals. Can you prove I am a Corporation when I state I am God Allegiant? Is there a signature on a valid contract that says I am a corporation? Are you aware Judge Spevakow violated 606 of his Criminal code when he himself entered the not guilty plea for me rather than directing the Clerk of the court to do so. This is supported by the transcript record.

Will you deliver, poste haste, a full unedited bill of particulars according to your recognised case of Stinchcombe? This has never happened as the records of the other attending officers were not made available to me.

CC: Reverend's Walter Tucker and Michael Baldasaro of The Assembly of the Universe The Honourable Anne Mclellan M.P. Minister of Justice, Defender of the faith

The Solicitor General of Canada Lawrence MacAuly, Defender of the faith

Her Excellency the Governor General of Canada Adrianne Clarkson, Defender of the faith Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Defender of the faith.

The Honourable Dave Hancock Justice Minister Defender of the faith

Sincerely in Christian allegiance and love of all God's creation,

Edward-Jay-Robin: Belanger
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