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The SaskFarmers Perpetual: Sensi Star & More?


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Hello all welcome to our perpetual farm some of you may have followed our first journal. Welcome back:) We are not doing anything spectacular here just having fun learning and sharing what we have learned. My wife is registered with Health Canada to grow her own meds for PTSD. We have a Mars Hydro 27"x27"x63" tent. Fusion breath 4"fan and filter and some DIY lights made from 50w integrated circuit LEDs and CPU fans. She grows organic in soil composed of coco coir, topsoil, perlite, worm castings, and shrimp compost using Gaia Green Fertilizer.

To start off this journal she will be growing out two clones taken from the Sensi Star in our first journal which was grown from seed purchased from Canntrust, her licensed producer. They are currently in their 14th day of 12/12 lighting

Sensi Star clone #1 day 14 12/12

Sensi Star clone #2 day 14 12/12



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Thanks improvise glad to have ya.

Update time.
FYI the numbering system for these plants is just for us to keep track of them these are Clones of a Sensi Star grown from seed as stated in original post.

So Mrs. SaskFarmer did a bit of defoliation today

Sensi star #1.1 day 21 12/12


So for those that were following our previous grow you may remember we have the clones on the "gas lantern routine" for veg.
While in no way a scientific comparison the buds on these clones seem to be about a week ahead of the original plants after 3 wks of 12/12

Sensi star Mom day 21 12/12

Sensi Star 1.2 day 21 12/12

Someday if i have time and the room i would like to do an actual comparison of a clone on GLR and one veged at 18/6. There is a fair bit of info out there that says veg growth is comparable but the real advantage to GLR is the cut in cost of electricity and the reduction in flower time.
As a firm believer in the adage "believe nothing of what you hear, and only half of what you see" I am still a little skeptical of the vegetative growth comparison of the two light regimes.


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Hey Jim! I'll follow along on your journal for sure! They look great already! Lookin like you'll have some monsters on your hands!

Cheers Jim! [emoji482]


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Good to see you here UA.

Hope you all managed to pay your respects today

Well tomorrow is going to be a busy day for Mrs. Saskfarmer so i thought i would get a few pics of the flowering plants today and post a quick update for them. This being the halfway point for them she wants to up-pot one of the two strong vegging clones, take a few cuttings from the other and up-pot the male clone. The two up-potted plants will then be put under 12/12 and let the magic happen:2: Well she dosen't want a completely seeded plant so guess Mrs. SaskFarmer will be making the magic happen:63: oh yeah and if there is time do a quick smoke report and close out the old journal.

Sensi Star 1.2 day 27 12/12

Sensi Star 1.1 day 27 12/12



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Wow those sensis look really cool! They are gunna fatten up nicely [emoji106]


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Kinda sweet lol it'll be cool to see what the stems looks like at the end of flower!


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Okay the smoke report is in so now onto the update here.

The plan was to put one of the female vegging clones into flower and take cuttings from the other but Mrs. SaskFarmer has not yet received her updated certificate and can only legally have five plants at a time right now so to keep it legal she will postpone the cuttings till we get the updated cert or we harvest whichever comes first. For now she will just trim the second one back a bit

The one male clone will be left in the solo cup to make it easy to segregate when the time comes. It is quite slow growing with very tight and unusual node spacing. This may not be the ideal father but its all we have so we'll see how the offspring turn out.

The first plants have been left as is, the female clone going into flower today was topped. When left alone this plant has a very nice main cola with strong heavy side branches so we are interested to see what kind of effect topping has on the growth pattern.

Sensi Star male day 1 12/12

Sensi Star #1.3 day 1 12/12

Sensi Star 1.4 vegging mom

Flowering tent group shot



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Update time

The Male started throwing pollen sacs a couple days ago already so she cut it WAY back. Don't really want to mess around with storing pollen so we will wait for some new clusters

Sensi star male day 7 12/12

The new flowering plant (1.3) is starting to bush out nicely

Sensi Star 1.3 day 7 12/12

The buds on the other two are looking beautiful

Sensi Star 1.1 day 35 12/12

Sensi Star 1.2 day 35 12/12



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Nice all is looking good Jim! You've got a nice manageable garden there :3 love your growing style

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Hope all is well in your world.

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I am moving this to Abandoned Journals until we get updates.

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