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The Satellite Trimmer


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Check out our new $10k trimmer, now on sale for $8995.
It comes with built in speakers :thumb:

Satellite Trimmer by EZTRIM

60-80% time savings
Original coved grate
Forward and reverse rotor action with adjustable speed
Weighs 95 pounds
Waterproof, fire-resistant transport bag included
Adjustable height
Trims hops
Easy to adjust cutting blades
Easy set up and clean
Air flow and vortex speed control
Commercial capacity
Professional quality
Triple filtered mulch collection bags
All parts are replaceable
All parts have a 1 year warranty
Ipod and MP3 player - 1/8 in jack

The Satellite is a machine that will keep pace with any other product on the market, that is fully adjustable, completely portable, comes in its own waterproof fire-resistant travel case, runs on standard current, is easy to clean and service, is warranted, creates virtually no product loss, pollinates the mulched leaf, and most importantly…. It Doesn’t Damage the Product! Not to mention it’s so quiet there is an MP3 doc and speakers on every unit! Get your Satellite trimmer now by EZTRIM.
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I am looking at the Satellite SL model which is the same as the one you posted on except no speakers, transportation bag and it has a different stand, no wheels or shelves on the sides but I am picking it up for $5995 so for 3 grand I will suffer without the wheels or transportation bag or the speakers.
Both can trim either wet or dry and both have a 24" diameter work area.
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