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The Secret Auto Garden


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Hi guys and :welcome: to the secret auto garden :) this is my second autoflower grow they are so much fun too grow i couldn't help fill out my tent with 8new little ladies(will list strains momentarily) i have chose to stay using cfl lighting(breakdown momentarily) altho my partner is also growing 6autoflowers mixed strains under led lighting(if you would like to follow these babies link will be in my thread as soon as ready) so the tent is going to be rather packed out by the end but ok here's the details-


Sweet seeds- sweet afghani delicious
. sweet cheese
. green poison
. cream mandarine
Auto seeds- Trans Siberian
Blimburn seeds- Northern
HSO- Blue dream


Veg day one too flower- 24hours 500w blue cfl
Preflower- 375w blue 375w red


I have made my own blend of soil for this grow to start I put a layer of airballs in each pot then on top a 1/4 pot of miracle grow enriched soil I then topped this off with a mix of homemade garden compost general seeding soil about 40eggs shells ground down into a powder and some mycohizal fungi and a worm or 2 in each pot :)


I placed seeds in general takeaway airtight container on some soaking wet tissue covered and placed in airing cupboard on Tuesday 3rd June at 4pm checked Thursday 5th of June at 8pm and all had cracked trans so had even started removing her shell so placed all in 11l square Wilma pots under the light will check and update tommorow as too where they are at but I'm hoping for good things

I also have a sweet cheese in a 11l airpot to compare against my first grow the square pot and also my partners led sweet cheese

Right I think that is all basis covered I do not plan to use nutes I may buy a fan and add as summer is arriving I have presoaked the soil so won't be planning a water until at least day 21 but will try to go by pot weights altho I will be spraying the air with water until all ladies are showing leaves and also plan to purchase neem oil and diamentacious earth to keep pests away from my ladies :19:

Hope you pull up a chair and join along for hopefully a nice straightforward grow my plan as always with autos is K.I.S.S but all thoughts questions contradictions are welcomed we are all here to learn there are no stupid questions :bong::high-five:


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start up


seeds cracked cream mandarin, northern, trans si

SAD, sweet cheesex2, green Poison, blue dream


where they germinated


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hi PitBull welcome along So far trans si is the most impressive she had a long root about an inch 48hrs after germ and is now out her shell standing with nice healthy leaves 3days out of her packet hopefully she keeps up this pace :) my misses is also growing this strain under led if you would like to see how she grows under that as well :bong:

Ok guys pics of start up above the grow room below will update again tommorow on all the ladies out shell so far 4 atm hoping all 8will be tommorow but so far as you can see from above roots blue dream (I'm looking forward to her most) and trans Siberian are ahead :bong:


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Subbed. Not much a fan of MG but to each thier own if it works for you rock it. As i am running autos at this time im def gonna keep a close eye here.


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Subbed along for this one Scottish, keen to see how this one comes along, ur last grow was great, and the journal a great benefit... Looking forward to this one :thumb:


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:welcome: indi pull up a chair this should be a good one maybe even tempt you to try an auto of your own they are so fun to watch grow :)
Hey there neko I am going to pop other too your journal just now I have been considering colidial on my sweet cheese strain as she is so amazing I want one in every grow even when I go photo so will be subbing along, cheers not jumping on me with the mg I no a lot of people hate the stuff but I grew some nice autos using just mg but this time I only used just enough that the roots can find the high npk at the bottom of the pot I would rather not use any shop bought soils but untill my roots and leaves from last grow break down enough in my homemade I don't have any Mj soils :bong:
How's it going random? Your lil ladies picking up? Not had a update in a while hope all is good under the hood :roorrip:

Right guys so all plants are day one today final seed case was removed when I got in from work today so all 8 are Alice and kicking altho cream mandarine lost a little round leaf and green poison is a bit straggley and weird looking hope they both pick up also sweetcheese in the airpot(forgot to mention her on start up) was last to break out and is sideways for some reason turned pot so she faces away from the light straighten herself up reaching for it again but best plant is trans si she cracked quickest and is now biggest healthiest looking sweet afghani is close behind I will label pics when they are on the first true leaves as all babies are the same untill then lol also my girls led reaches the first row of plants not the rear so I will rotate weekly at photo update keep all plants even :) in going to upload some pics of l.s.t sweet cheese she is 5weeks old and needs retied and sits besides my misses and my plants she carried over from my last grow as she is a friends plant :bong:


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Sup scottish. Yea i wont jump o you about the MG as i used it as well during my first grow and it went ok. I would use my homemade soil for these new autos im doing but it turns out i need to redo the mix as this batch was to hot for the babies. Hince why this run im doing DWC. Glad to have you following along on my journal as we will be on almost the same time span but i would suggest you go look at toker69's journal on collodial silver to make fem seeds located here https://www.420magazine.com/forums/...ponsored-intelligent-gro-led.html#post2027329 i learned how from him and since i only have 1 successful run with it i still refer to him for guidance till i get better. Your little babies are just starting their journey and i cant wait to see them go to fruition.


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Ur onto a good start here man all germinated :high-five: nice and simple setup aswell this time things should be easyer. should be a good one to watch with the different strains and see how the s.a.d turns out, she sounds nice :) ill get back to u on the fan thing soon because i might be getting one myself this week and ill see how that goes and if there noisy or not :) :peace:


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Welcome along B.a.r good too have you along again :)

Yeah neko it worked allright my last grow but I am making the move away gradually just hard to change what I know would love to go Dwc like you put to much work and cost :( you have a nice setup going on :) I have been along too tokers a while back but like to follow the first timers I find it more interesting and informative :bong:

Hey indo glad you made it yep got it alot better organized this time round I did install a fan with very little noise but my temps shot up 10* so removed again :19: also dropped humidity by 30% sooo not good so ill stick with passive :) the s.a.d is one I've been wanting to grow from the start but held off in hoping she does amazing things :)

Ok guys time to introduce the l.s.t sweet cheese she is around 6weeks started flower and just had her very last bondage session she is ready to let the buds grow :) if you would like to see her start to life check out my first grow journal hope you enjoy :bong:


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That L.S.T. is looking pretty good there Scottish, how long has she got left?? be interesting to see how she yields compared to your previous SC and to see if the L.S.T. has given a good solid improvement on the last one... :blunt::blunt:


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She is starting too stretch now so hopefully just under 6weeks she is going a little slower than her predeccesor but only a week and budsites look mighty good I'm not necessarily after a higher yield altho would be nice just denser more uniform buds in abundance :bong:


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Denser buds would surely equate to a higher yield?? if u got about the same amount of bud, but its denser, then that means they heavier?? but given how much u already like the smoke from sweet cheese last time around, and this time u will have better buds, wich ultimately will mean a better smoke?? :thumb:
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