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This is what I've learned from others and from trial and error, experiments.

1. Big roots = big yield.

Simple, yet so many new growers forget it. I did. I learned from my mistakes. I am sure most will make this mistake even after hearing how to avoid it.

Easy to avoid. Be sure you transplant in a big pot, 5 gallons or larger. 10-20 works great indoors. Be sure the roots are fully established in their final pot before you put in 12/12. This is so important. The roots must fill up the final pot, be it 5 gallons, 10, or 20, or even 100. If you let the roots fill up a 100 gallon pot, and you grow it outside, you are getting a HUGE plant. Try 8 feet or higher if it is sativa dominant.

So, again, veg your plant until the roots fill up the container. Big healthy roots = big yields.

Sounds simple enough, but why do we as noobs make this mistake? We flower too soon.

2. Healthy roots = big plants, big budz.

Roots are your life. Take good care of them. If in soil, or coco, perlite, or some mix of those or peat moss, be sure to keep the root zone clean. Do this with lots of natural organisms. I do it easily in coco+perlite and feed with a 6-9 ratio of General Hydroponics micro and bloom, no grow. Just two of the three part series, as with a 6-9 ratio, it has everying the plant needs. Start with 400ppm and work up to max of 700. Sometimes you can go over that if you have enough light, especially outside, but I stay under 800, and get big budz.

I don't use hygrozyme, but when I transplant I sometimes use microzea. I don't put bleach or peroxide in coco when I feed, ever, unless I am sure I have root rot.

If organic, then be sure to add things like fish meal, kelp meal, those two alone give you npk, then add some slow release furts, like B1. That is the name. They don't have b1. They work great on tomatoes from what I've seen, and they are doing great on my organic plants right now.

If in hydro, use drip clean one in a while to prevent salt build up. That goes for soil, coco, etc. Use h202 or a little bleach in your res. Keep the temps in res cool. This prevents most all root problems in DWC or other types of hydro.

I use 1mL of bleach per gallon of water. No harm to plants. Nice yields. Just about all commercial growers use bleach instead of h202 because it is cheaper and works great.

3. Controlled environment = big yields.

Sounds simple enough. Keep the temps steady between 70-80 if possible. Keep hydro water close to 63 if you can. Use heaters and hair conditioners if necessary to control temps. Steady temps = better yields. Good air flow. This prevents issues with mold, bud rot, pests.

Be sure you are bringing in fresh air. They need the c02. Either way, even if you are using a co2 generator, which I haven't found worth the cost yet, be sure to have good air exchange and flow. Lots of fans. Trees should be blowing around.

Keep the area free of bugs by bombing first with a good bug bomber, made to kill spidermites, their eggs, white flies, aphids, etc. Bomb before each new grow. Clean the room and equipment with bleach. Every pest or issue stresses the plant and reduces yield.

4. Don't stress your plants = bigger yields

Don't over water. Don't under water. Don't leave in a container too long so the plant gets stressed and sometimes stunts, which can take forever to recover from before she starts growing again.

They need very little water when they are seedlings and small. In Dixie cups, I only water with like 180 mL tops. That is like 5oz. I usually only water with 2.5oz, though when they are in Dixie cups. If I transfer to 5 gallons before 10 or 20s, then I start to water with about a quart. Once roots are established, and plant is a decent size, I start to water with a bit more water. Up to half gallon in 5 gallons. Sometimes 1 gallon if they drink a lot, especially if they are outside in the sun, or under enough light.

In 10 gallon pots, once roots are established, I water with 3 gallons or so.

5. Food doesn't really matter.

The kind of stuff you use, doesn't matter much at all. It has very little to do with big yields. The above 4 are your major concerns. Use anything that has a well balanced npk and other essentials. HygroHybrid used to use just General hydroponics with great results. 1.3 lbs for 1 plant, under 1 600w hps. He now uses just floranova and a little cal mag as needed. I think he still uses a good PK booster once budz get large. Something like moab, or the like.

Feed with ph water between each feeding. Don't feed each time. Try not to exceed 700ppm. It is not necessary, especially in DWC. In coco, use a bit of humic acid every 4 feeding or so. This breaks down the nutrients so the plant can easily access them.

6. Lights

They matter more than food, but not greatly. You can use cheapo Apollo bulbs 600w hps, and still pull 1.3 lbs for one low stress trained plant. That is in dwc. Bulb brand makes very little difference. Just change your bulb every grow. At only $20 a pop with Apollo, that is easy to do.

General rule. More light the plant receives, the more food and water she can drink.

This is what I've learned from talking with other growers, but mostly from trial and error and experiments. Hope it helps.

I am getting close to cropping my critical x ak47 plants.



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Thanks for reminding me. It is easy to lose sight of some of the basics when you get into the fun of learning new techniques.


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i agree with most of what u say, especially about roots! roots are amazing and im addicted to them haha

only thing i slightly disagree with is u say dont stress, i say do stress. now it depends on grow techniques, soil/hydro etc. but small amounts of stress are actually good for the plants. it gives them stronger immune system which inturn puts out more resin and when the plant has to work a little it tends to far better. thats my experience anyway. especially growing dwc. obviously soil has slow recovery time so u need to factor in the shock and healing process but dwc u can be a real bastard and be thanked for it lol

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Cultivator I agree with some stress. I wa referring to bad stress
Like what would kea to root or such as large changes
In temps of dwc res. I did a dwc outside, using no chillers.

Even with using h202 I still got bad root rot then switched to
Bleach which stoppe root slim and rot but the plants
Never really recovered as they were in flower.

I might get 4 oz to 5 oz on the one remaining. I have since
Brought it inside as the out door was a failure.


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ok mate misinterpretted ur statement. try using guardian angel and cannazym together in dwc. If u have had root issues sterilise everything and use new airstones. those enzymes will protect roots even if water temps get as high as 75f. obviously best to stay in the 65-68f.


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yes mate it would but u wouldnt need to run the bleach. trust me, u will get better results running a live res as opposed to a sterile one. i understand why people use sterile res's, they are cheaper to run and usually people use them because theyve had root issues. if res temp can be controlled, theres no need to run a sterile res. The enzymes make nutrient uptake better for plant and keep roots super healthy.

If what u are doing is working well for u then stick at it but i would advise having another pop at running a res with beneficials and enzymes. Ive just cut a plant 12 days early and vegged 17days with final yield of 7oz 4g and its sticky as hell, in sterile res i wouldnt have got that.
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