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Hello everyone,

We created this specific place for all the great
420mag growers that want to share their Seedsman beauties' pics with us and give us a little feedback about the strains grown.

We love seeing big frosty flowers so feel free to share any
Seedsman strain pic in this thread.

Thanks to all the contributions!


Blew Hiller

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Seedsman, was first time I used you last year.... Was not dissapointed.
I like to know my genes are what I paid for, thats what you get with them.

Just a couple pics in Veg for now , but impressed....
These pics are 4 weeks of veg...from seed.

Gelat OG and White Widow Fem. Photos.



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Yooooo. We got some @SeedsMan girls in flower right now people! Some bambinos aswell. The medium sized C99 x Blueberry girls however are just recovering from their overwatering... swear im such an egg lol. Cos i have so many plants to juggle n so little time to get shit did i occasionally think right she aint far off i can water now.... DONT DO IT JUST FOR SAKE OF EASE!!! Once may be fine but if you do it once forget then do it again this shit will happen lol. The little ones are doing beautifully though. Ill be taking clones of those 2 small girls eventually once some males i have in flower get the axe :p.

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Seedsman Gelat OG and White Widow...

Start of Week 6 in Flower.
9L buckets, 70/30 Coco Handwatered.
Total lighting- 615w CMH.

Nice plants.
I want to see your tent when you grow a couple of monsters quadlined plants. First time #quadsquad ?


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Nice plants.
I want to see your tent when you grow a couple of monsters quadlined plants. First time #quadsquad ?
Cheers mate, I have some mums and spares Im quadlining, these were just natural untrained plants for pheno selection. I keeping small and slow under 4600Lumens of 6500K .
I only want them to explode when they hit the CMH, gives me time.
Im looking forward to the Quadlining and think both strains will handle it easy.


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I didn't know there was a thread for this...
Here's a little Seedsman "blast from the past",grown from a 5 year old seed...
Low Ryder#2 auto- she only got to be 11" tall,because of the LST,but I got 3oz of dry bud off of her,and she practically grew herself -easiest plant ever to grow.
These pics were 1 week before harvest:



and here she is after drying for 6-1/2 days


not too bad for such a little lady


I'll probably grow another one...it was soooo easy :peace:


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Here's my Jack Herer at week 5 flower.



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Here's my Jack Herer at week 5 flower.




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I will post a shot of my Skunk 1 from Seedsman. But first I want to thank them.

I won second place in a photo contest back in December. Placed my order and left it at that. Forgot for a few months. Someone was complaining on the forum about them and I many of us who have dealt with them mentioned how we never had an issue ordering and receiving our seeds.

I remembered not getting that order, so instead of complaining in a forum, I mentioned it to the 420 mag rep. They arrived yesterday with almost twice what I ordered. So I will say it again, best seedbank I have ever used, and the customer service is on point. Thank you Seedsman.



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Here's my Jack Herer at week 5 flower.

Yum, yum, well done! Wonderful strain, too.

Grow on!
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