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You've seen Moose's bud.You've seen Boss' bud. You've seen Matanuska Valley's bud.You've seen Spee Cees bud.

Here's what the rest of us smoke. You've seen the best.Here's the rest:

<img src="https://www.420magazine.com/gallery/data/502/Pshwag.jpg" />
Doesn't it give you a headache just looking at it?:33:

Blurry? Yes. Shwagalicious? Yes!(For Sure) No macros,none needed with this strain. The electron microscope couldn't find any trichomes.:19:

Smoke Report:
After several bowls to my head still not real sure if I caught a buzz yet.If not for all the stems and seeds I'd wouldn't be quite sure if this was cannabis or not.Body high? Head high? Neither.
Yea I can bitch,but even though all I can get is shwag, I'm still greatful for my dirt weed it gets me through the day. :439:
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Here in Charlottesville there is a lot of quality middies. I don't mind them and they are dirt cheap. Basically, they smell like headdies, look real fresh, but no one bothered to separate the males from the females. They look like outdoor bud too. They are certainly better than the beasters you would get in Fairfax. I hate beasters. Either way, it doesn't matter because I have a steady headdie connect. Several, actually. One of them gets his weed from Cali and I must say it is not by any means overrated.


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That looks like the stuff I have too, I will put pics up later, if you guys would like to compare lol. but mine gets me pretty stoned..


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Don't get me wrong,it's not the best in the world, but if all you ever really smoke is compressed blocks from our neighbor mexico, then who's to say what is good or bad.Where I come from you take what is there because tomorrow it may be in a evidence room.Just some of the blessings of being born out here in the middle of nowhere.:rolleyes3


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if you guys think that is bad you should try some of the stuff my friends whip out... and they expect me to match a bowl with my dank bud... this is why i always have two differant stashes :)

also our shwag is about 1/3 beaners and about 1/4 stems.. and people pay the same for a quarter of shwag when they could get a 1/8 of nug for the same price... but you can't tell stupid people anything right?


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Where I'm at we don't get good smoke.We deal with what we got.I don't know about you but I love weed so I don't turn down any green,just because it aint green and fluffy and have a cool name don't knock it.:sasmokin:


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idk bout all that now .lol but you should deff spark it if a waterfall bong. it will mess you up no matter what bud you smoke..well maybe not mess you up but it will deff get a nice buzz going.:51:

Ahh, did you try that capsule we had the article on? No, not the one you eat...



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Update!! Got some pretty decent Nug(ish) smoke.Nice pungent aroma,sweet fresh taste.But it had been Unfluffed.Funnyest thing was as I was all stoned for real for the first time in too long:33:looking for a Nug for a pic I found cat hair in the buds.:19:So this is either a sister strain to Cat Piss,or people are adding cat hairs to make the bags weigh heavier.Don't be surprised if you see me Hawk a news story about this some day soon.:smokin:
The pics suck,had bad lighting and was too boned to see clearly.
<img src="https://www.420magazine.com/gallery/data/569/pretendica2.jpg" />


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Ha! I've come across the cat hair thing too. Pulled about six hairs out of an eighth once. When I first saw it, I thought it was just to increase the weight. But the crazy thing was although I asked and paid for an eighth, he gave me closer to a quarter.

:51: Meow

Big dog

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I'm afraid you're right, PFlynn. I have some pretty good buds right now; but, most of the stuff I get looks more like your first picture and then those later on. Of course, if it gets me high, I don't really care what it looks like.


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thought I would share got some good smoke .. never know what kind it is around here and it has seeds but surprisingly powerful !

<img src="https://www.420magazine.com/gallery/data/988/HPIM2336.JPG" />
<img src="https://www.420magazine.com/gallery/data/988/HPIM2337.JPG" />



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I think I solved the national cat hair scare.I picture a couple of stoners clipping their buds.Then seeing the "Sticky" on their fingers they decide to smoke the sticky,and smoked themselves unconscious.In walks the cat,and smelling something new and good and the cat starts licking the crystals off the buds and gets high as hell as well.Thinking it's cat nip,or just liking it so much it starts rolling around in it.It being the cat's turn to pass out,it was therefore the stoner's turn to be up(but not Up!)and they instantly see the cat in and covered with the weed.So what else would the stoner's do but pick the buds off the cat(thus solving the mystery off cat hair bud) Thats how I see it going down.:smokin:
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