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The Start of My Journey


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Well this is my first grow journal and my first indoor grow to harvest. Im in the beginning phases but will be adding a 36X36X63 tent and a 400W HPS by the end of the week. Im growing, at the moment, two seeds from a strain some friends of mine have breed which they call Mountain Hippy Mindfuck. Its a cross of Matanuska TF and an unknown one they really liked. This setup is two 55W and four 13W CFL's and yes, the hood is made from a Little Ceasar's pizza box lmao. Well here they are, The dixie cups in the back are gonna sprout two Blue Dream sprouts soon(I hope!) Any feedback or suggestions will be very appreciated.








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Awesome grow you got going. Nice hair on seedling pic lol. I did not see a fan. Do you have one moving air around and blowing on them? Other then that I am love in the pizza box diy. Kick azz. plants look happy and green to me.


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Thanks everyone! I do have a fan blowing into the closet from the outside. Just working with this till i get my tent and light. Glad you like the pizza box reflector CO Finest. Was trying to figure out what to make one out of and I accidently layed something on the pizza boc top and it folded just the right way and i stood there looking at it like, wow, i can see the being a wing reflector lol. I am going to keep this regularly updated as im gonna reach for a SOG.


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It's that "forge ahead through the fog" mentality that "doers" rely upon to give them that kick in the pants. Looks like you've got it in spades bro.

What kind of camera/lens are you using? The second and last photos look especially terrific. :thumb:


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Its a JVC Everio I got at Big Lots for like 60 bucks. If you tweak the settings you can get pretty dang good photos it just doesnt like the 6500k bulbs for some reason. There will be plenty of more pics, Im actually waiting on my first Attitude shipment, says its out for delivery! Very excited! Will post pics of the unpackaging. Just got a small pack of one blueberry gum and got two the hog seeds for free. And maybe a pic of one of the ones in the dixie cups poking up. They just broke the surface today!


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Well got my seeds a few mins ago. Very excited to start the Blueberry Gum.

And this is one of the Blue Dream seeds saying hello world! :)

Sorry about quality, the others were asleep so i had to try to find some good lighting elsewhere with no luck lol


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Ok ran into first problem. Checked PH levels and they are at 6.5. They hadnt been watered in like 5 days so i gave them a little drink. Just enough to moisten to the soil.They are also in lights out time. Are they just sleeping. They've never drooped that much while sleeping .Whats going on?


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