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The state of America

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George W. was a C student in college. He would not be president if not for his family ties. He is a figurehead for Cheney and other American billionaires whose political agenda is not to represent the people of America, but to get themselves rich beyond their wildest dreams. Unfortuanatly, they dream big and no amount of money will be enough.

The Whitehouse is full of not politicians, but businesmen. Billionaire tycoons scratching the backs of billionaire tycoons and calling it a political agenda. Americas middle and lower classes suffering job loss and poor education so men with everything can hord more billions. Environmental protection and conservation gone neglected, in favour of a military movement to control more oil. Oil that benefits only the men that are in power or payed to put those men in power. Democracy has failed, the American people are being grossly mis-represented.

But to their credit, as far as greedy capitalists go, the Bush administration may be the most powerful in history. What better way to control all the worlds wealth, then to take over the most powerful nation in the world? Who's gonna stop them? If the UN is opposed, they do it anyway. And so what if half of America is outraged, they won the election fair and square. Oh wait, no they didn't. The election was rigged and corrupt in many ways. If you'd like to take off your patriotic blinders and get informed, I suggest reading Michael Moore's "Stupid White Men" and his follow-up (which I have yet to read, it's in the mail) "Dude, Where's My Country?"
thats exactly why i hate those people with 40 fucking american flags over their cars. american flag shirts and bumper stickers and lunch boxes and fucking everything else. they all fuckin carry it around with no idea what it is they are really representing. yes maybe they think they are representing what the american flag should stand for, but what our government has done to this country makes me fucking sick. i cant look at an american flag without getting pissed. we ARE grossly mis-represented. but whats the fucking answer? clearly the system is totally fuckin currupt but are there little pieces left that can get the job done? revolution? peaceful or hostile? whats it gonna take man. shits gotta change.
everyone we vote for is a fuckin white guy 50yrs old+ in a fuckin suit. i have yet to see an everyday you and me kind of person to go for some kind of office. ya know, someone who has an idea of what the fucks going on. maybe because they all know the bullshit. but ya know what man, its not about what laws and paperwork and votes and all that other bullshit. its about the PEOPLE. our government has changed its priortys fucking big time. if we can spend what 32BILLION a MONTH to stay in iraq why cant we spend fucking a quarters worth of that money on education? when i see "polititions" (buisiness men really is fucking closer to what they are) they are talking about tax cuts and health care, ya know, the same shit the next guy is saying. issues yes-do they really care-no. fuck issues this country has PROBLEMS. which need to be fixed. mainly the american people getting fucked in the ass. we gotta rally the people. man, id run for whatever in my town and cut the shit, lets talk about real problems. rally the people. then try to spread the word. if i was the president people would be like, well what about afgan...fuck them we have our own problems right now. we are dealing with our own shit. they are trying to deal with shit thousands of miles away while our country rots from the inside.
well besides the obvious with weed and whatnot, we spend tons of money rebuilding countries we slaughter while the thousands of jobless and homeless go unchecked. our domestic policies suck. whats the harm in clean needle exchange? the everyday average joe doesnt have a voice to the system. 80% of the US marched outside the whitehouse telling bush we dont want to fuck with iraq but he wouldnt have listened anyway, the people who run this place arent running it "for the people" they have their own fucking agenda. why dont we use hemp? it can be used for literitally hundreds of different things. because they dont care about that shit THEY HAVE THEIR OWN FUCKING AGENDA. why not use wind energy? because they have their own fucking agenda. its all about the money dude and thats not what shits about at all
another example of fucked up shit is, the government siezed my aunts tax return for 1reason or another, so she went through appeals for a long ass time and the judge found that she was right and it was at no fault of her own. did she get the money back? NOPE. so id just like to send out a big FUCK YOU out the government. im moving on up....to canada
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Thanks, TheOldguy.

Money_sgf, like most Americans, you are oblivious to your declining way of life. Unless you're among the richest 10% in the nation; you're libel to retire at a later age than your parents, more likely to be laid off, and less likely to receive adequate health care should you suffer a malady. Combine that with the state of the education system that has been utterly grotesque since the Nixon era and Europe no longer sees America as the land of the free.

Sure, immigration is still strong. But being an upgrade from the ways of life in Mexico and Cuba is nothing to be proud of. In the post WW2 era, they boated across the Atlantic with dreams of land ownership, education, freedom, and prosperity. Now they walk across the southern border in hopes of running water and a minimum wage job at Taco Bell.

Battery, you ask what can be done about the rebublicans in power. Technically, impeachment of the whole lot could occur. Bush, Cheney, and all their billionaire friends could be kicked to the curb if congress were to vote thusly upon finding reasonable cause for impeachment. Is there reasonable cause? Yes, they rigged the election and there's mountains of proof. Unfortuanatly, for that proof to become legitimate evidence; a congressman would have to lead an investigation. Why won't this happen? Because there's not a democrat in congress with the balls to oppose his oppostion. They may as well be called the democratic/rebulican party.

I'm afraid we'll just have to wait out the term and vote the bastards out come 2004. Put the democrats back in power... wait a minute, have you seen the democratic canditates? Billionaire white guy, billionaire white guy, billionaire white buy. My god! It's a bunch of George W. clones! What reason do we have to believe that they have any more interest in the common man than our current republican tyrants? I long for the nineties when our president was a selfmade, sax-playing, sex maniac. That was a man we could all relate to. Sigh, we need another Bill Clinton.
I doubted your knowledge of the American situation, but now I don't at all. You're on the ball 100%.

And what's this "we" thing? I thought you were a Canuck.
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Yes, I am Canadian. I reside in BC. I've taken an interest in American politics since the 2000 election fiasco because I haven't heard a thing about Canada's polital state since that time. I assume it's good. Water comes out the taps, the streets stay paved, and our Prime Minister, Jean Chretien, was elected legitimatly.

I often refer to myself as an American because I live the American lifestyle. I watch FOX and NBC. I read Michael Moore and Sports Illustrated. And yes, I HATE France. You could consider Canada the 51st state, but there are some differances.

Canada has excellent health care. If your sick and it's cureable, you're covered. Canada has far superior gun control than America. Sixty-eight shooting deaths last year compared to over 24 000 in the States. Also, Canada signed the Acoto Accord, America is the only nation in the world that didn't.

How is Canada able to have the best of both worlds? Quite simply, our democracy works. Our elected politicians acualy strive to represent the working class public. Mainly because they are the working class public. Canada has very few billionaires, and they stay out of politics.

Also, compared to America, very little is spent on our military. What do we need weopons for? If anyone fucks with us, our big brother America has our back.

The biggest advantage we have is something we all can relate to; the weed. As many of you know, BC is the main suppiler of marijuana to America's westcoast. Since 9/11, border checks tightened, it became more difficult to transport south and an abundance of herb in the local market ensued. What a great month September, 01 was. The going price of an eigth went from the standard 40$(can) all the way down to 20$. This lasted for several months and it has since leveled to a fair 30$.

I know, it's sadistic to find good in 9/11. But that was the only way it affected me personally. I bet American cokeheads were stoked about their falling prices. BC Bud and US coke are exchanged pound for pound. I can logically assume, post 9/11, an abundance of coke circulated the western States.

But I digress. About the "we" thing. I hate to see America, such a strong and proud nation, being run by a greedy corporation. I always hate to see democracy fail. And I definatly hate that little rich boy, George W. Bush. Nothing would make me happier than to see the rebulicans ousted and a grass roots political party take over. A new, revolutionary party that focuses on health care, education, and the well being of the American people. I know this is what we all want. Unfortuanatly, I doubt it will happen in our lifetimes. I'm sure glad I live in Canada, or as I call it; Democratic America.
SHADED said:
You could consider Canada the 51st state, but there are some differances.
Holy sh*t, a smart Canadian. lol

About a year ago I was thinking of moving up to Canada, but now I'd rather stay here, go to college, learn the system, and represent the people. If by the time I'm 25 I'm just living hand-to-mouth and realizing that maybe I won't make a difference (or differences are not already being made), I'll make the move up north. Although it's fun to joke about Canada, I DO see it as America-gone-right.

Our gun control policy (loosely based on the 2nd amendment) is based on the idea that we can overrule the government any time if we think the federal government is becoming too powerful. Unfortunately, as the Civil War has shown us, denying the federal government means certain death.

On another note about the Civil War, I'm starting to see the Confederate States of America as a lot like Europe. Europe is nothing but a bunch of states w/o a federal government, which is working out for them quite well. I am interested in looking into abolishing the federal government, just for interest's sake, not that it's even remotely possible.

On a personal note, I'm excited to have you as a member of the forums. You are by far the most up-to-date person here (including myself) on politics, current events, and sports. I'm sure you find no surprise in me telling you this.

About 9/11... People are likely to have an uproar about this, but seeing those towers fall, aside from being emotionally gut-wrenched, was the coolest thing I'd ever seen. A friend of mine and I used to be huge fans of the movie Independence Day. We would imitate the attack scenes and build up wooden Jenga blocks about 6 feet high and throw toy airplanes and legos at them to knock them over (usually from the top, down). That was WAY before 9/11. We, oddly enough, also played MS Flight Simulator, and repeatedly crashed small and large aircraft intot the WTC, not because we thought killing people was fun or funny, but because the plane would do little more than stick to the side of the building and make a stupid noise. We chose the WTC because they were the easiest targets being the largest buildings in NYC.

I usually don't tell people about that shit, but who gives a fuck? I've never killed anybody.
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"Our elected politicians acualy strive to represent the working class public."

thats what im talking about. our politicians sweet talk us/ or bad mouth the other guy (which is bullshit and i dont see why anybody calls them out on that kind of shit) once they get the vote you are forgotten and they do their own thing. but when elections roll around all the sudden they get "involved in the community" and youll see them on TV kissing babies and talking about all the hard work they did. governer roland out of CT cut thousands of state jobs and gave himself a $25000 raise. curruption anyone??? doesnt sound like hes striving to represent the working class public at all. you call to get something done and its like; oh this agency has been shutdown because roland cut all these jobs. and what really really makes me pissed is he can still convince people to vote for him. most of the time i feel like "am i the only one thats not fucking blind here?" i mean jesus thats only 1 governer. how about taxes? does it make any sense at all that the poor pay more in taxes than the rich? DOES IT MAKE ANY FUCKING SENSE AT ALL? i was thinking about working for NORML, i hear they have some shit going on in congress. but then i think about how nobodys got the balls to act and i see it as futile. would i cut my long hair to make those fuckers happy. fuck no. jesus had long hair (not that im religious) and so did ben franklin. SHADED, any ideas where a guy like me should move to?
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I must admit, I'm not fully knowledgable on American tax quotas. I do know that Bush 1 and Bush 2 have both given significant tax cuts to the upper class, making the rich richer and the poor poorer. Canada's tax quotas make somewhat sense.

Incomes are seperated into tax brackets. The less a person makes, the less percentage of their money is taxed. The more ones income is, the more of their money goes to the feds. In a way, this is a minor form of communism.

A household with two workers making $40000 a year each will have significantly more money than a household with one worker making $80000. Each $40000 earner gets taxed 40% while the $80000 earner is taxed 50%. Therefore, the duo income household which earns the same amount as the other will have a gross income of $8000 more.

Yes, our federal government takes about half our paychecks. It keeps are streets paved, poor housed, and kids educated. The only people that don't benefit from our tax quotas is the upper class, but they're already rich and most agree that the system is fair.
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As for 9/11, you're damn rights it was cool. To me, matters of great signicance, tragic or not, are extremely interesting. Oklahoma City bombing, interesting. Columbine, interesting. Washington sniper, interesting. These are the things that naturally spark our interests and make us think and talk. So what if they're mostly about death and destruction. The world is a violent place.

Besides tragic events, what else is on the news? Sports and weather. Not to say that they are not interesting, but they are expected to happen and we know they will happen. A weather pattern of some kind will move in. Some team will win the Super Bowl every year. But no one expects terrorists to kill a bunch of people at any given time.

It's the violent actions of humans that shock and surprise us. Everyone dies someday and it's entertaining to others when one is killed by a fellow human. It's called murder and it's much more interesting than than wether or not it will rain tomorrow.

Of course there is an obvious downside to tragic events. The victims family is in shambles for having lost one of their own. I'm fortuanate to have never felt the pain of losing a loved one in a tragic manner. For those who have.... what can I say? It'll happen to someone else sooner or later. Then you can be intrigued by it when you see pictures at 11.
On 9-11, this girl Iris was very scared, and asked me, "What's going to heppen James? Are we all gonna die or something?" I said no. I told her that if the attacks were initiated by a country or a group of countries, we'd kick some ass. But if they were drawn out and executed by a terrorist organization, we'd try to root them out wherever they were, probably somewhere in the middle east.... I also said that if we couldn't finish the terrorists off, we'd probably use this as an excuse to take out Saddam and steal all of Iraq's oil.

Well what do you know?
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Good call, James. That's exacly what they did.

Bush and Co. gave three reasons to justify the war in Iraq; to disarm Hussein of his "weapons of mass destruction," retaliation to terrorism, and the liberation of the Iraqi people.

By outright lying, Bush & Co. made us believe that Hussein and Bin Laden were connected. They showed a video on CNN of Bin Laden and Hussein in contact in the 1980s. They neglected to ever show the video of Sadaam Hussein receiving the key to Detroit during the Regan era.

They said he had 'weapons of mass destruction.' It's true, he did have chemical weapons... in the 1980s. How'd he get them? The USA supplied them to ensure Iraq would defeat Iran. In the aftermath of the latest war; extensive searches have yet to uncover a single chemical or nuclear weapon. American troops discovered a "weapons factory," but British intelligence later found it to be a hydrogen balloon canister in a trailer.

Americas military takes great pride in its missiles pin-point accuracy. They believe collateral damage is practically non-existant. Over nine-thousand Iraqi civilians died in the latest war. More than three times as many people that died in the WTC.

And now the troops stay occupying Iraq. American soldiers patrol the streets. Accidental killings occur daily. What are they still there for? Just put some dictator in charge. Pay him handsomly for all his nation's oil and let him tyrade on his people. Let the Iraqi way of life return to normal and get AMERICA OUT OF IRAQ!