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The stoke of the harvest!

How's my house smell? I got a 5 foot flowering plant that I thought was an Auto in full bloom, I have 400 grams of wet bud hanging to dry, and I am brewing up 5 oz of trim in a crock pot full of cannabutter! OMG this may be the best smell in the world!

Man this grow was awesome! Simple T5 setup in a shower! Auto Sin Trabajo

Got 400 grams of wet bud and stems...thinking I may get 130 grams of dry out of her! Here are some sticky pics!



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Looks Great!!

I do love the smells at harvest'

But I do worry the smells may carry out of my house at times.

My mailman has got to of had a nose full by now coming to my front door everyday.LoL

I always wear a glove on one hand when I am trimming.

One so my hand does not get so sticky(I will change it out if needed) and two because it gives me a real wiry buzz if I get to much on me.

Makes me feel like I smoked a joint and drank a pot of coffee at the same time.

Hope she cures out nice for you....
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