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The story of my "White Castle Experience"


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Ok, I live in British Columbia Canada. You should all know that the cities (or should I say towns) are pretty damn small. I went to Dawson Creek from Fort st john to see the rodeo/fair. Dawson has at least 8 or so hotels/motels. The thing was all of them were booked full, so the only place to stay was in the town/village 15 mins from Dawson. It has a few hundred people there,
- 1 Hotel
- 1 store: closes at 8 pm and opes at 6 am
- A bag of smoking goods
= NO MUNCHIES AT 12 PM and no munchies at the motel either!
So since the store wasnt open we just got blittzed and walked the village (Pouce Coupe) all night till 6 AM.
Once it opened I was a "little kid in a candy store" literally.
We ate so much breakfast and energy drinks.
Then burnt out hard, and got back up for the fair at 1pm.

It worked out great cuz we got our "White Castle" Husky gas station corner store.:439:
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