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The Tahoe Dude's 10 Plant Outdoor Organic Greenhouse Grow


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Hello everybody! :ganjamon: Welcome to my first ever grow journal. My girlfriend is tired of hearing about the plants everyday so I figured I'd bring it here. I live in N lake tahoe and am a CA medical patient.

The Plants
2- cherry pie clones. one in a full 30 gal smart pot the others 30 gal smart pot is half full.
1- dutch treat clone in a half full 30 gal smart pot.
1- Norhern lights clone in a half full 30 gal smart pot.
2- Chem og from seed in 12" pots.
2- Purple dragon clones in 12" pots.
2- Chill-om from mandala seed company in 12" pots.

I started with a mix of fox farm ocean forest, fox farm coco loco and a local compost soil company. added a lil happy frog jumpstart as well.

Quick Description
We are just about near the end of our second week of flower from what i can tell. I started vegging these girls inside may 17th under a T5 fixture. I then put them outside in the greenhouse on july 2nd. I put the t5 fixture outside as well to provide supplemental lighting for any shady portions of the day. also have 2 6" fans clipped above the canopy moving the tops, i plan on adding an 8" fan to move air around underneath the canopy. I have one veg co2 bag from MyCO2 Mushroom Grow Kit / CO2 Bag - Sustainable CO2 & Mushrooms 4 gardens. and i plan on adding a bloom one this week. The bulbs in the t5 also need to be swapped out for bloom ones as soon as i can. I have been doing this grow on a budget as i lost my job a lil bit ago and am unemployed. I will try and upload new and old pictures i have of progress along the way. I have learned the things i know from ed rosenthals marijuana growers handbook. Also have spent countless hours reading many great growers grow journals and advice. I have a strong passion for growing and have since i tried growing my first plants at age 17. Did 3 outdoor cycles with a buddy then didnt get a chance to plant some girls for about 4 years. So i am beyond excited to have these girls going right now. Starting from humble beginnings but my plan is to start with this and eventually setup a full room. One thing is for sure, i want to do this for a living, for the rest of my life.


My nutrients for veg were a mixture of general organics and nectar for the gods.

For flower I am using Maxsea, age old bloom, herculean harvest, medusas magic, tritons trawl, and crystal burst. I also have MOAB that i plan on using as a hardener towards the end.

For pests i have been using organicide and BT. I need to go pick up something with spinosad today because i have been noticing some thrips.

Well hope this all turns our alright :) Thanks for stopping in and i hope everyone hangs out. Im still very new at this and would love any input or advice.



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not yer first barbie, that's for sure,:Namaste:

you have your work cut out for ya pal,, good luck with it all,, looking fantastic so far,,, i get it about telling the girlfriend,, my wife is very patient with me,, needs to be,, cheers dude


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not yer first barbie, that's for sure,:Namaste:

you have your work cut out for ya pal,, good luck with it all,, looking fantastic so far,,, i get it about telling the girlfriend,, my wife is very patient with me,, needs to be,, cheers dude

Thank you! :thanks: The anticipation is killing me. Yea, she is beginning to understand my passion for growing and with that im hoping patience will follow. Gonna do an update here with a picture from today. as well as some brownish tips on some leaves.. possibly from over fertilizing? any ideas


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Went out last night and changed two of the t5 bulbs to the 3k flower spectrum. still have two of the plant max veg bulbs in as well for a more full spectrum. Moved the light higher so i could comfortably work and walk in and out. They are drinking about a gallon a day right now. I water lightly to watch humidity. Tomorrow im gonna feed them some tritons trawl, herculean harvest and crystal burst. May hold off on the age old bloom, maxsea and medusas magic.

I use my phone for photos for now. please excuse the shitty photos and irritating black dot.

But does anyone know why some of the leaves are doing that curl with a weird discoloration?


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Damn everything looking good. Love the wide leaves. My guess is maybe heat causing the tips to discolor and curl? Just a guess. Organics takes so long to break down, so I don't think it would be over feeding?

Thanks man! The cherry pie and chem og have really been my favorites. The smell and structure is fantastic. Yea, thats kinda what i was thinking. But the hottest days were in the past(had a couple days it hit 110 in the Ghouse) so it kinda concerns me that it happened more suddenly. reducing their feeding slightly and watching closely. Although I have stayed as close to organics as i could with money and the results i want some of the products i am using are not fully organic. MaxSea is organic based but i believe they use some synthetic compounds as well for instant plant uptake. And im not sure about crystal burst or MOAB. Although every once in a while I skip a day of watering... Maybe that caused it... gonna watch all variables and check that the soil is moist daily.

Fed them all yesterday and added a 8" fan for the lower canopy.. Herculean harvest at 1TBS/gal, Age old bloom at 1TBS/gal, Tritons trawl at 1.5ml/gal and Crystal burst at 1ml/gal.... This morning they look happy as ever! :drool:

I cant wait till these buds start swelling and developing. Its crazy though, the dutch treat is still in transition from veg to flower. She keeps stretching and is barely showing any hairs. I may need to top her a couple more times because eventually she is gonna out grow her space. Sativa dominant no doubt.

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Hope all is well in your world.

Is this grow still alive?

We would love to be updated with some pictures and info.

How about posting a 420 Strain Review?

If you need any help with posting photos, please read our Photo Gallery Tutorial.

I am moving this to Abandoned Journals until we get updates.

Sending you lots of love and positive energy.

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