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The Tardis


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This is no normal Galaxy Grow Tent. This is a Tardis, capable of traversing space and time. Inside this unassuming police call box there is far more going on than meets the eye. Within the confines of a 4'x4'x6.5' space reside three White Widows growing in soil (presently in flower), two ILGM Gold Leafs in RDWC on an elevated shelf (waiting for the fricking WW to finish so they can be flipped to flower), two Gold Leaf clones, a White Widow clone, a DWC reservoir, a whole-home humidifier, 600W MH/HPS light fixture, dual 65W 6500K custom CFL fixture, a big ass charcoal filter and fan, a foliage fan, a "please God suck some cold air into this hot bitch" fan, and a CO2 monitor/controller. There may even be a Dalek or two lurking about.


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Lol. Fucking dope! I can't explain it any other way

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Did it come with the runner bars to put shelves on?
HeyFert, yes it did. The Galaxy line of grow tents come with side bars that attach to the uprights with very secure metal clamps. I have no fear that the clamps will slip. I'm impressed with the quality of Galaxy.

It also came with three top bars.


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Hey Rider,or shoud I say in the Cannabis ruderalis world,,,Ryderl Thanks for the welcome.\Great minds do think alike or did you see my answer to the thread.
Who would you like to smoke with ?
Everyone from George Washington,,Stephan Hawkins to God and Jesus was mentioned.

My answer???
My past,,,present,,and future self,,,

Of course Doctor Who would join the circle,how else would we all get together.lol

So is that a backup Tardis ? Can I borrow it on the weekends?

gotta love it.

ps you do know the Doctor has a grow room,,,in the Tardis,,,with like 150 plants in it? Several of them are from china,,,clones from old strains,,,from like 300 years ago :)


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This isn't the only Tardis. There are many Time Lords wandering through the timey wimey stuff of the universe.

I am, however, jealous of the 150 plants that the other Doctor has managed in his own Tardis. I'm having to make do with three White Widows in flower and two Gold Leafs in veg, not to mention the clones that are occupying the same space.

I've modified my Tardis a bit recently. The reservoir for the RDWC was moved outside to keep water temps down. As I am running CO2 I like to keep Tadris temps up around 85F to most effectively use the additional CO2. This is the current grow configuration. As you can clearly see, the remote reservoir has replaced my nightstand.



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My 9 X 13 ROOM doesn't have as much equipment as your tent, and IT's crowded! Well, perhaps a few more plants....


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This is my Tardis. There are many like it, but this one is mine. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. Without me my Tardis is useless. Without my Tardis, I am useless.

-What the hell is a jigawat?-


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Lol very cool concept! I might trt something simular once I have a 4x4 of my own.

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WHAT? I thought the Doctor was the lat of his kind!!!! 'I guess time will tell'
So I'm guessing you don't have any grow problems,just set the tardis for the future,,,not having to diagnose any present problems,cuz you know thr outcome :)
Ever been tempted to smoke any of (their future self)while they're still growing in the 'here and now?"

Great Grow Rider !!!!
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