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The Value Of Pot

Jim Finnel

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Wine grapes and timber were the top two most valuable cash crops harvested in Mendocino County last year, at least on paper. But county supervisors suspect another locally grown commodity—marijuana—is the true title holder.

That's why two lawmakers on Tuesday proposed overturning a 1980 resolution that removed pot from a report on agriculture activity the Board of Supervisors receives each year. They also asked the county's agriculture commissioner to try to assign a monetary value to Mendocino's marijuana crop.

"I think the public has the right to know," said Supervisor John Pinches, remarking that a local government consultant estimated that illegal pot accounts for two-thirds of the money coming into the county.

Agriculture Commissioner Dave Bengston said marijuana last was listed in the annual crop survey covering the 1978-79 growing season. County supervisors passed the resolution to remove it after the state agriculture department said that including pot in the crop report was inappropriate, according to Bengston.

"That's just an ostrich with its head in the sand," said Supervisor Jim Wattenburger.

Bengston said the information in the 1979 survey came mostly from law enforcement agencies. So far this year, the state and local officers have reported seizing 243,505 illegal marijuana plants in Mendocino County, at least 50,000 more than in all of 2006.

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New Member
if all those fiscal conservatives realized how
much taxes we pot people should be paying they would be marching on washington and all the state capitals...

ever ask an evangelical about how genesis 1:12 [plants ordained good by GOD] relates to pot plants...

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
i have asked them. one response you might get:

marijuana is a weed and weeds are part of gods curse.


the bible says rebellion is like the sin of witchcraft. the original writings use the word pharmcea for rebellion which is where the word pharmacy comes form. so using drugs is witchcraft and marijuana is a drug.

no shit, this stuff gets said. and it was california churches where i heard this stuff.
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