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The Vault Bring You A Seedsman Promo: Win A Grinder Or Seeds


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Wanting those seeds.
Count me in @SeedsMan ill swing by the site shortly for a better lookey loo!


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Just imagine @SeedsMan if you did a mad give away to all the people who are in the thread ---- for the next few months almost every grow on 420mag would be a SEEDSMAN grow.....
@George from The Vault , sounds great doesnt it....!

How many are you giving away again??
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The Vault are excited to bring you a cool promo in conjunction with Seedsman Seeds.

There is an awesome grinder, Peyote WiFi seeds from Seedsman, and Auto Zkittlez seeds from Seedsman to be won!

To enter on 420 Mag just comment on this thread! Winners will be announced Aug 21st!

Visit The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store today to place your next Cannabis Seeds order!


Thanks to the Vault and Gary for another one
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