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The Vault's Big 420 Competition Is Live Now: Win Free Cannabis Seeds


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Thanks so much @George from The Vault for being gracious and for giving this forum community an opportunity to win so many killer genetics.

I am a new grower and just started building my seed collection recently. I cannot give you who my favorite is because I have no experience with any of those breeders...YET! If I have to pick one, then I would go with @SeedsMan as some of their CBD varieties are intriguing. To be fair, I still need to do more research on the options from all the breeders you have included.

I would appreciate you entering in your regular seed drawing as well. Peace & Blessings


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Wownanother great promo. yes please. I have to be honest and say Barneys farm.. Am in process of some original sensible strains that I am impressed with so far but I have a lot of Barneys seeds grows under my belt now.
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