The Vault's Blue Dream'matic Auto Comparative Grow: In Association With FastBuds

You're not going anywhere! I'm contemplating spraying a single select branch on her and yes, trying to make babies.
Do it!!!!!

Do it!!!!!
Kismet, your Blue Dream autos are at Day 62 and have not started flowering yet? That seems like it might be a genetic mix up or maybe someone messed up and sent you the wrong seeds. I grew some Quarter Pounder auto flower plants last year from a breeder in Canada. They didn't start flowering until around day 55 and I thought that was WAY long. I didn't harvest them till day 110 from germination. They were a sativa dominant strain. You might end up having to put yours into 12/12 to get them to flower.
I hope mine don't go that long in veg lol. It's gonna be interesting to see how much longer yours will go before they start flower. I was thinking same thing beez0404 said. I followed a journal once were they had to switch their auto to 12/12 to get to flower. Once they started flower they switch back to 18/6 and it finished off good after that. The only problem is if they was a seed mix up then you might have a photo period plant so I would be hesitant to go back to 20/4 after switching to 12/12 cause it may reveg on you. Idk its weird but I hope she starts flower for you.✌️
BDA, coming back to life...


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Day 10
Temps:77 Humidity:45-50%
PPM: 420-450

Girls are doing good and growing pretty fast. Their definitely the biggest I've had at day 10 so maybe that's a good sign lol

Remember Wrinkles, well she hasn't done a whole lot of growing and she is still wrinkled up pretty bad. The other Blue Dream I put in there is doing really good. She's only on day 3 I believe but I've got a feeling she is gonna win the rights to the pot. If she continues to do good I will cull wrinkles and name the other Lucky lol, cause she's lucky to have a spot in the tent lol.✌️
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