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The Vulx Case Study Celebration Sale


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Yes, yes, yes - I know it's been a long time coming, but we're finally getting started on the case study. To celebrate that, I went ahead and created the coupon code casestudy that grants 15% off every order. Shipping is also free on the website, now (I believe it should be free on Amazon, too).

So the case study... what's the deal, eh? Well we have most of the equipment, just need to finalize medium and decide on the strain then it's off to the races!

Here's the setup:

TentGorilla 4X8
Air Exchange8" Can Fan S
Air Filter8" HEPA
SoilAlkili Gardens Soil Freyja's Mix
Small PotsGro Pro 6"
HumidifierActive Air 75 Pint
A/CFrigidaire FFPA1022U1
Water FilterHydrologic Stealth
PAR MeterApogee MQ-500
Reservoir55 gal drum
Water ChillerActive Aqua 1/4 HP
Water PumpActive Aqua Submersible Water Pump
LightsLED (TBD)
GasC02 added
Environmental ControllerTBD

Once we get everything up and running, we'll start a grow journal.

Pretty exciting stuff, we look forward to getting some great results!
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