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The War on Drugs - Cannabis and the death penalty.

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The following countries still legislate or contemplate the death sentence for cannabis offences:


MALAYSIA: Penang: Ex-painter Sent to Gallows: Malaysia Star, 29 October 2007

MALAYSIA: Indonesian Labourer to Hang for Trafficking: Malaysia Star, 10 October 2007

MALAYSIA: Trader to Hang over 61kg Ganja: Malaysia Star, 1 May 2007

SINGAPORE: Ghanaian, Zambian face death penalty in Singapore: Mail and Guardian On-line, South Africa, 11 April 2007

MALAYSIA: Thai to Hang after Appeal Rejected: Malaysia Star, 27 February 2007

MALAYSIA: Electrician's Death Sentence Upheld: Malaysia Star, 17October 2006

BRUNEI: Two Facing Death In Drug Trafficking Case: Brunei Direct, 28 May 2006

INDONESIA: Australian May Face Firing Squad: Courier Mail, 22 May 2006

MALAYSIA: Death sentence stays for Indon: Malaysia Star, 31 March 2006

US: Marijuana Smuggler Killed by Gunfire Was Mexican, 23: Arizona Daily Star, 14 March 2006

MALAYSIA: Unemployed To Hang For Trafficking In Cannabis: Central Region News, 15 February 2006

BORNEO: Malaysian Sentenced to Death for Possessing Cannabis: 27 October 2004

MALAYSIA: Indonesian Gets Death For Dadah Trafficking: New Straits Times , 23 September 2005

MALAYSIA: Carpenter Gets Death For Drug Offence Cannabis: The Star, 26 July 2005

CHINA – for more than 5 kilo

DUBAI: Dealers Get Death for Trafficking Cannabis: Gulf News, 18 November 2003

FIJI: A Fijian high chief has said his people should be shot dead if found planting marijuana: CNN (US Web), 19 August 2001

INDONESIA: 'Help Me' Pleads Student At Risk Of Death Sentence: New Zealand Herald, 13 October 2004

PHILIPPINES: Death for Marijuana: Philippine Star, 29 June 2002

SINGAPORE – for over 500 grms of cannabis or 200 grms of resin - Noose Today For Drug Man: May 12, 2005

SAUDI ARABIA: Death sentence no longer mandatory for drug smugglers: Saudi Gazette, 27 September 2005

SAUDI ARABIA: Two Thais And One Pakistani Executed In Saudi Arabia: Daily Times (Pakistan), January 11, 2005

SAUDI ARABIA: Pakistani And Iraqi Beheaded In Saudi Arabia: Daily Times (Pakistan), January 2, 2005

SAUDI ARABIA: :Executes Iraqi For Drug Smuggling: New Zealand Herald, 14 April 2003

THAILAND: Thai Drive Against Drug Dealers Turns Into A Bloodbath: Daily Telegraph, 23 February 2003

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