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The White - Buds Turning Yellow But Still Few Amber Trichomes


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Hi- I have a The White" plant in week 11 of bud stage that I've been waiting for the trichomes to turn half amber before harvesting (indoors, in soil, 12hr/1000w HPS light), but boy does it seem to be taking a taking a long time! I'm now worried because the plant's buds are really starting to turn yellow (see photos attached) and I still see very few amber trichomes. The fan leaves started turning yellow a couple weeks or more ago. Those leaves are now all yellow and beginning to drop.

Should I harvest now? Or does the yellowing of the buds not matter? Could The White be a strain whose trichomes don't really turn amber (could not find an answer elsewhere online)?

BTW- I posted essentially the same question on an existing thread (How to Know When to Harvest) and got a few helpful responses but the buds are getting even yellower now so I'm feeling the need for additional expert advice.





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Hello- Given the many very experienced growers who offer excellent advice on all kinds of topics on this forum, I'm surprised my post is not getting any responses. It would be helpful for a newcomer like myself to know why. Have my questions been answered many times elsewhere? Does no one want to offer suggestions on a strain they're not familiar with? Do my photos make my plants look just fine and I should just shut up and stop worrying so much? I should mention here that the plants look really good in the photos I've posted- better than in reality. I don't seem to be able to get shots that convey the yellowing (and now crispy-ness) of the sugar leaves associated with the buds. Or the fact that the buds themselves are yellowing (is allowing them to begin the drying/curing process "on the vine" okay?). And I don't have what would be needed to take photos of the trichomes to show their condition/color (very few amber). Anyway, any feedback or advice would be very much appreciated! Thanks!!


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im no expert but i would personally harvest if the buds sugar leaves are dying off.

and very very nice looking plant you should be proud !

sometimes ppl dont answer right away not sure why but it happens. hope someone else can offer an opinion on the matter as i am a rookie myself.

from what i have read grow indica if ur lookin for half amber trichs try growing a indica for better results

cheers man !


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I think another reason it can take a while for replies is because this thread is in a very accurate but small subforum. There's like 6 other forums this question could fit into, I'm guessing the FAQ would return the quickest replies cause that forum gets the most traffic. I just discovered this subform exists for example.

I'm not an expert either but I'd go ahead and harvest. Congrats, looks wonderful!


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Thank you very much Jaerock and Versai for the thoughts and suggestions. I decided yesterday to start harvesting The White plant because of its sugar leaves starting to get crispy. The buds on the other plants are still doing okay so it feels like I can wait longer for a higher percentage of amber trichomes to show up. Thanks again!


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I think once the bud starts yellowing, its time to cut it down to salvage whatever you got left. I've see a couple plants that have lost their fan leaves but bud was dark and still developing. I've had the same issue with a GSC plant going on 13/14 weeks where the plant is just crawling along but not having that trichome development you were looking for.
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