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The worst day of my life!

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I woke up Thursday morning and made my coffe as usual.
As I walk out into my back yard I realize that my whole crop is gone.
All was taken but a few lower branches on 2 plants. My whole crop
Demolished. I know the thief. My junkie neighbors, which I had helped the
Day before. They have children so I helped them get their power turned back on
They didn't see anything. But they guessed by a little smell. Is what I figure.
They took it all after I reach in my pocket to help. I put my heart and soul in this grow.
If you have seen my posts over the years u know I plant outdoors with the season.
This was my first medi quality grow I was so proud. I pollenated my mother plant so I
Have seeds for next year. She was lemony and piney. And so vigorous. Now I will struggle
And have to work 12 hour shifts to get Christmas and the b-day that follows. I guess misery
Loves company. Sorry everyone I had to vent

Thanks for reading,
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Re: The worst day of of my life!!!!!

Here is a few pics. They stole it all but the large one in the green bucket I
Had just taken here. But she was a breeder so not that good.


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Re: The worst day of of my life!!!!!

man,thats hard to read,Im sorry this has happened.


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Re: The worst day of of my life!!!!!

pass on the dog,get a Ar-15

I'm not a big violence guy,but when someone steals,especially after a generous hand has been extended,It makes my stomach turn.
steal once---hand cut off
steal twice---picking your nose with an elbow
Re: The worst day of of my life!!!!!

Sorry to hear, just happened to my cousin. That was the money for oil this winter, electricity, Christmas, kids clothes and food on his and his families table. Well if u lived in the north east I would offer seeds and clones for you, my family has to much every cycle and many gets thrown away so we can maintain our limits for patients. Well best of luck and hopefully everything falls into place for you and ur family.
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Re: The worst day of of my life!!!!!

Thanks all. The mother yielded her offspring. I will have 2 known phenos to play with next year. The pheno In the
Pics is the one I want. Beautiful I believe. Shit happens.


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Re: The worst day of of my life!!!!!

give it to the neighbor.

Im not a fan of found weed,never know what has been in it


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So sorry, man. I was prepared to be ripped any time I was going to visit my patch, but fortunately the harvest is coming! I dunno how vindictive R U, but maybe there's a way to make the bastards pay.


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They say you can't keep a horse from water. I've never tried so don't know for sure. But I lived with a junkie, and I couldn't keep him from the dope, or from stealing my stuff, even though he was a lovely fellow otherwise.

Edit- wait , is that thing about the horse even a real expression?? Ha ha what the F am I talking about.??maybe I just pulled that one out of my butt. I think -you can lead it water but not make it drink? Can you stop it from drinking? I don't know. Anyway- the part about the junkies is written in stone as far as my experience goes.
It happens i know the feeling,...10 days before christmas...Texas police came and took all my indoor grow....cut the ballast left the parabolic hood with a xerox copy of the grinch that stole christmas taped to the hood....motherfuckers....i dont live in texas anymore jajaja.....it does get worse trust
Get another plant going real good and hide an electric fence right around the plant and enjoy their screams when they reach in... LOL.... be sure to put your ground rod as close to your charger as you can, gives them a better zap.


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Sorry to hear that bud. Damn shame, but that's some people for you these days. I have a neighbor who is always getting their power cut too. I ended up having to get in their shit a while back. The husband tells everyone he is an ex combat diver with a purple heart. Did some digging and the guy wasn't even in the military. Just a convict. They will get theirs.
That is shit man. I can't believe people would be so heartless to do such a thing and by that I just mean stealing your crop alone, but doing it after you helped them out is just a whole new level of low. Literally the lowest of the low. I would never steal someone's crop like that because myself like most others on this site appreciate the amount of time and effort that goes into it and know just how pissed off you would feel if someone did the same to you. At the very least you would expect them to snip off a branch but taking the lot is just inexcusable! But that's exactly why I don't grow on my own property. You can never trust anyone. Even if they know you own a gun & you put up CCTV cameras, it probably wouldn't be enough to deter someone. If they know its there, they know it's there.

Maybe next time put razor wire along the perimeter of your fence or even put up an electric fence! I would put some CCTV cameras up too and a security light, maybe an alarm of some kind or a smoke grenade. Any of these things would cause the thief to run away if triggered. I know it's a lot of effort but is it worth it if it means keeping your plants and your dignity..? Personally I wouldn't even risk growing on your property again, you should do what I do, guerrilla growing. I can't be dealing with thieves or snitches that would rat you out to the cops or steal your bud which is why I grow in a spot that is waaay out of the way from any human intervention. It's just not worth the risk!

QUICK STORY - My first time growing in southern England, UK, I put 2 plants out in my back yard just to see how it would go. It was around this time late September when they were well into flowering when my neighbour, old Mrs Ruthie Jackson who is 86yo, poked her head over my fence and called me over. I didn't even think she would know what a cannabis plant was let alone know what one looked like. Boy was I wrong. Straight away she looked me straight in the eye & said "give me that plant, the biggest one or I'm calling the cops, now". I've never been so shocked in all my life. At first I refused and was like "whatever, go away" but she went inside and came out with her phone, dialled 999 & hung her head over my fence again with the phone to her ear and said "it's ringing, last chance". I ended up giving her the biggest plant, a Trainwreck. The one I had, a skunk cross, turned out to be a shit smoke and only yielded half an ounce. A few weeks later tho I smelt her and her husband smoking it and it smelt absolutely amazing! Fucksake! Even now I still see the old bitch trying to peek over my fence into my yard looking to see if there's any more plants to hold me to ransom with.


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That is some story, man. Bastards grow on trees.
That's sucks,maybe try getting a few autoflowers,thay will be done in 2 and a half months,get atleast 5 or 10,heavy yeilders,(Think Different, and THINK BIG,from,Dutch passion are probably the two best autoflowers,for the price and quality ,it's crossed with a strain called AK420.,I grew think different,really potent.think big is the exact same plant and genetics,accept think big gets 2xs bigger,And takes 90 days opposed to 64 days with think different ,i got almost 4oz from one plant,in a 3 gal geopot.80 to 90 days,rock solid buds, so 5 to 10 autoflowers would put you back in the game,if you need any advice on how to triple the size of autoflowers BEFORE thay start flowering,feel free to ask..good luck,HAPPY GROWING.